Forgive Me Muse, I Have Not Written

So I haven’t written in a week, first because of my vacation and then because of my major neck problems that precluded any serious time on the computer.  I think the muse can forgive that.

So…update, I can actually sit vertically, turn my head, and haven’t had pain killers in 36 hours.  I even managed 10 minutes on the exercise bike this morning. Wahoo!  Progress!

Downside, I have to go back to work today.  Bleh.

I would like to try to write something but I have a lot of catch up to do and I’m not sure how my body’s going to tolerate being at a desk all day, so my computer time necessarily has to go to the evil day jobs for now.  We shall see.

I’m trying really hard to be patient, as healing takes time.  But damn, I do not have time to be less than my usual Super Woman self.  I have crap to DO.  :glares at neck:

14 thoughts on “Forgive Me Muse, I Have Not Written

  1. I’m just glad you’re feeling better. I know it’s so frustrating when our bodies get in the way of our To Do List. My daughter’s telling all her friends how wonderful Red is, but most of them don’t have any kind of e-reader. Will it be coming out in print?

    1. Eventually. It’s on submission now. Either New York will buy it and they’ll be the ones to put it in print, or they won’t, and I’ll do a POD copy. I’ll certainly keep folks posted.

  2. Sometimes we just have to take a break, whether we want to or not. My chronic headaches remind me of this if I otherwise forget. Hope you’re feeling better quickly – partly because I’m looking forward to a new Mirus novella!

  3. Getting yourself better first the main priority. Glad to hear things are getting better for you. I injured my back a few years ago and being laid up was not much fun. You will be back to your old self in no time. Sending some positive healing thoughts your way.

  4. I feel for you. I know how it is to be injured and not be able to do anything. I’m super active and need to get going. I’m also a multitasker because doing only one thing is too slow for me lol
    I wish a fast recovery =)

  5. Wow, you can glare at your neck? I’m jealous. Unless you mean in a mirror. 😉

    Hooray for no painkillers! That means you’re on the upswing. But of course, healing takes more than a couple days. My dubious advice- start slowly, build momentum steadily. Good luck! 🙂

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