Another Quickie of Other People’s Awesome

Still back at work (which is just kind of sad, but at least Thanksgiving is next week), so gonna leave you with some links to other stuff to check out.

Juliette Wade wrote a fantastic post on deep POV and how to achieve it.

Joe Konrath is taking on the role of warning newbies away from Penguin’s new Book Country services.  Does this remind anybody of Borders’ Book Brewer program?  Take home message: Newbs, do your homework and listen to those of us who’ve come before you and we’ll keep others from screwing you over.

Jenny Hansen had a great post on using the 12 stages of physical intimacy to build tension in your novel.

Off to do real work…

8 thoughts on “Another Quickie of Other People’s Awesome

    1. I think Joe has done a lot of good and shared a lot of information. I don’t think he’s the self publishing messiah because he’s not truly self published, so I do get annoyed when he’s held up as an example. He had multiple books of backlist that he got to convert. He had an existing reputation as a midlist traditionally published author. And he’s now publishing with Amazon Encore, so to say he’s an example for all indies is really erroneous as true self published authors–from the ground up–can’t emulate his success using the same methods.

      1. Oh, I know that’s true and don’t want to suggest that everyone should expect the same results he has had. He definitely didn’t start out on his own the same way some of us did. I’m just saying he’s shared a lot of good information that he had no obligation to share. If he was truly self serving as some say he is, then why would he even bother? Everyone has to look out for themselves, but it’s nice when authors share what they know. You and Susan (as well as others) have also done a lot of sharing. Nice kids share their toys. LOL

  1. Wow, Kait! Thanks for including my post! I’ve been sick, sick, sick for TWO weeks so I’ve been missing all the good stuff out there this month. I’m off to read the others. I hope work isn’t too arduous this week! They always seem to try to kill us getting everything done before the holidays, don’t they?

  2. Definitely thanks for the links. When Book Country first launched I tweeted about it & it seemed pretty cool. But I never got around to truly checking it out deeper. So this is good to know (regarding their formatting services) I do all my own work, but sometimes you get overworked & have to outsource so it’s good to know of other places/people you can go to to assit.

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