Slow Saturday

I’m having a quiet Saturday.  Hubs had to work today, so the dogs and I are playing sloth here in the living room and watching DVRed Food Network shows.  I did make a run out to Walmart for more tea.  I discovered last weekend the Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea from Celestial Seasonings which I have totally fallen in love with.  It’s seasonal, so what’s out there now is all there will be until the holidays roll around next this year.  I wiped out the supply here, scoring eight boxes!  Woo!

I’m about to get some tomatoes on to slow roast for pasta salad, the laundry started, then I’m diving in to my homework.  Yes, homework.  The Pink Hammer has given me a pile that rivals the stuff my grad school psychopharmacology prof handed out (except way more fun).  The Story Toolkit she developed takes our Blueprint and injects it with anabolic steroids.  The sight of it would terrify pantsers into therapy.  It’s not intended to be done all at once.  It’s a LOT of information that continues to keep tying all the threads together and make you really figure out how all the pieces work together.  Today’s project is to take everything I already know about DOTH and get that entered in, and as I move forward, I’ll work on it a bit every day while I knock out Riven.


Coming back to this some time later after the tomatoes and laundry and a wild goose chase trying to find my missing bracelet, which seems to just be gone, period.  Meaning it probably fell off in one of the dozen places in town I went since Thursday (which is the last time I KNOW I was wearing it).  :cries:

I’m off to sulk and work on my homework.

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