Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Check-In

  1. This has been the Week of the Pink Hammer.  Meaning, this is the week I feel like I’ve been bludgeoned (even though it’s really my first draft taking the hit).  She’s still got the last act to go.  As usually happens with one of her crits, the front end (which I always go in thinking is pretty solid) is a wreck, and the back end (which I have no confidence about whatsoever) is much better.  We’re working on a comprehensive list of what needs fixing, clarifying, overhauling, etc.
  2. I’ve been plugging away on Riven this week.  Since I’m totally out of the holiday frame of mine, I’m shifting to this as my primary project while I’m working on DOTH.  I’m 3,664 words on that for the week.  I got hung up last night and didn’t write, but before bed I figured out a detail that had been eluding me that ended up smoothing out some complicatitis afflicting this plot.  Got up this morning and ripped that out nice and quick.
  3. I’ve also been working steadily on the homework assigned to me by The Hammer.  I’ve got a ways to go on it still.  It’s not the kind of thing you fill out all in one or two days.  But it’s progress and will, conveniently, make a handy dandy series bible when it’s finished.
  4. I’ve also been reading up on a lot of Celtic mythology.  I ordered a couple more books this morning.  I’m hoping that they’ll be a bit more readable.  One of the ones I’m reading is this very dry, academic style, combining the bare bones of the stories with historical information about the Celts as a people.  Which is helpful and interesting, to a point.  The other book is just the tales.  I was hoping to get a sense of the rhythm of their storytelling from it, but I’m wondering if those rhythms are lost in the translation to English because they feel stilted and clunky.  What I really want is someone to have taken these stories and tell them LIKE A STORY with some flare.  We’ll see.
  5. It was kind of a craptastic week at the Evil Day Job.  LOOOOOTS of office drama and way more than the usual measure of idiot student questions.  I got an email from a student this weekend, panicking that she didn’t know which book to buy…and she had replied to the email I sent out with the link to the textbook.  Riiiiiight.  On top of this, the bookstore never got my order for this semester, so they didn’t order any of the books for my classes.  I’m having to give extensions left and right, which I hate, because it’s hard to keep track of it.  And then there are the people who signed up late and therefore didn’t get the information on where to log in to the site from the distance learning department….bleh.
  6. I keep feeling like there should be other news, but can’t think of any, so I’m off to bake some bread.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Hope the bread soothed your soul a little – it seems a lot of eye rolling and clenched teeth were in order this week – it will get better next week:) and you did stuff done – all the best for the coming week:)

  2. You bashed out a sound word count and smoothed out some annoying wrinkles, you’ve also seen the wood for the trees on the beginning and ending, which is two-thirds awesome! Kudos. X

  3. “Pink Hammer” made me laugh. I’m sure my critique partner’s been thinking of me by a similar name over the weekend. The good news is you’re making progress. Hope this week is brighter than last week!

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