Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Well, I’m back from my weekend in the woods (which was spent less in the woods than I’d like due to Siri being a manipulative witch who thought it would be funny to tell me the nearest Walmart was more than 30 miles away instead of 7 miles up the road because Apple maps suck–which everyone apparently knew but me, but now I know, so : P  For the record, Apple, there has never been, at any point in history, a Walmart Supercenter at the railroad museum in downtown Meridian.  I’m just sayin’).  The weather was gorgeous and despite my multi hour detour to get tea and supplies for s’mores (among other things that were forgotten), I had a lovely afternoon camped out on the front porch of the cabin by the lake enjoying nature and the nice, lovely breeze.
  2. I didn’t even get an eye twitch from being mostly unplugged.  Though admittedly, this was probably because Susan had been gone all week already on Spring Break and the rest of my CPs were sick or otherwise off, so none of my peeps were around to talk to ANYWAY, and I could still check email by phone.
  3. I finished my read through of Riven, forcing myself to go through and fill out the full scene questionnaires for EVERY BLESSED SCENE.  That was, let me tell you, painful.  It’s much harder to fill them out AFTER they’re written than before (but I rarely have the patience to go through them all before diving in).  And this resulted in a good news/bad news scenario.
  4. The bad news was that I ultimately wound up cutting nearly 10k.  That…sucked.
  5. The good news is that I figured out how to fix it.  This morning I woke up with the new SPP in my brain that’s going to amp up the action tenfold, eliminate some complicatitis, and generally be much better.  I just had to go back a lot further than I thought to make it work.  I’m working on making my peace with that.  I do think it may mean getting rid of one thread I really like because I think it would just slow the narrative too much to include it.  Which sucks.  But I suppose I could save that set up for some future story.
  6. So I’m diving back in to the work tomorrow.  Tonight is all about chilling, unpacking, finishing laundry, and doing all that just-got-back-from-out-of-town-and-damn-tomorrow-is-Monday stuff.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. I seem to spend too much time plotting after the event:( pansters like to make it hard for selves:) sounds like a great chill out now you’ll be ready to go – all the best:)

  2. That sounds like a very productive weekend for being so relaxing as well. I was also away from technology for the weekend (chaperoning a youth group trip at a campsite in the forest), but I admit to my eye twitching a little. Have a fabulous week, Kait!

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