A Friday Roundup of Awesome

I have a Deep Post percolating in my brain that’s just not ready for y’all yet, so instead I’m passing you on to some of the other awesome I’ve come across this week.

Justine Musk had a post this week On The Art of Mastery and Soul Making, which is thought provoking as usual.   The part that really resonated for me was this:

 One reason why geeks are the way they are is because of how obsession defines them. They’d rather spend time deepening their knowledge and acquiring mad skills instead of, say, social savvy. (Which isn’t to say that social skills don’t eventually come, at least to some of us.)

The world outside that obsession? Often bores them. It isn’t as rich or vivid or visceral, it doesn’t get them where they live in quite the same way. The obsession is always in the background, waiting, and some part of them waits to return to it.

It SO captures how I feel about writing and WHY I get so frustrated with the “real world” and evil day jobs.

The Hammer is done with Riven and I’m still standing.  The Gobsmacker isn’t far behind, so I expect to take their comments this weekend and spend Sunday listing out all of the issues, then Monday making a plan for the best means of addressing them.  Revision Cave, I’m a comin’.  In light of that, this vlog by Kelsey Mackee was TOTALLY well timed.  She’s entertaining and adorable and makes great points.

Last night The Ghost from Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series was on Twitter to answer (avoid, really) questions about his identity, one of the biggest mysteries in paranormal romance that’s about to be answered when Heart of Obsidian gets released June 4th.  You can catch the transcript here.

2 thoughts on “A Friday Roundup of Awesome

  1. Good post. Thanks. And yay!…with a side of eek! S’all good. You’ll rock this sucker. Also, looking forward to the Deep post.

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