Awaiting Revisions In My Sandbox

For those of you who were following the whole Kindle Worlds thing yesterday, you should all go read this post by John Scalzi.  He’s sensible and highlights the initial “hey this isn’t a great idea for writers” aspects of things.  Also a nice flip side overview from Jane Friedman.

Allergy season has kicked in with a vengeance.  Half my office is out sick with allergies themselves or with sick kids.  I’m wishing I remembered to take a Zyrtec before I left home this morning.  The eyes.  They BUUUUUUURN.  :squints at screen:

In other random, did you know the TED Talks are on Netflix?

The Hammer and Gobsmacker are both nearly finished with Riven.  Once I get those comments back, I’ll merge them into a single document, print, and then probably spend my weekend forming a plan for Revision Hell.  I’m not freaking out, which I think is largely because a) I’m just not letting myself think too much about it yet, and b) I’m having such a marvelous time playing in my new sandbox.  New rule: Always have new project to immediately begin working on for plotting or research when sending WIP out for critique.  I think it’s also because I’m starting with much lower expectations of the end result.  After being flattened with my last critique (when I thought I was in pretty good shape–HA!–going into things), I pretty well have been going into this with modest expectations that this is better than that but will still have issues.  Cowering dog, expecting to be kicked?  Maybe a little.  Not really an issue of learned helplessness as learned humbleness and assuming a position of “this sucks” until being told otherwise.  It seems safer than the alternative.  Less far to fall.  We writers are a screwed up bunch.

The 12th book in Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series, Heart of Obsidian comes out June 4th.  This is apparently the book where we find out who it is Kaleb has been searching for and the identity of The Ghost.  IDK if this is the last Psy-Changeling book or not, but I am SO FREAKING EXCITED, I just can’t even.   Jane from Dear Author has written up an awesome post all about the Arrow squad.

Also coming out on June 4th, the much anticipated Siege and Storm from Leigh Bardugo.  I read and really enjoyed Shadow and Bone.  Sure, there were issues with the end, but I was willing to cut it some slack for sheer fascinating world.  Certainly the hype of this series has shown that most folks aren’t being that picky and are going gaga for Mal and the Darkling.  We shall see.

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