You Are Getting Verrrrry Sleepy…Oh Wait That’s Me

You know that point where you try to open your eyes first thing, and it feels like somebody’s gone and dumped vinegar in there–the light just flat BURNS?  Yeah, I’m so there.  I need stilts to prop my eyes open this morning.  I’m slowly working on CUP NUMBER TWO here at my work desk in preparation for Doing All The Things.

Was already getting to bed late last night when I discovered Callie (the BIG dog) had had an upset stomach in the back bedroom.  Sigh.  Which was better than my discovering it with my FEET in the DARK in the middle of the night when I switched beds due to snoring, which I am apt to do, but still necessitated cleaning up a large mess, steam cleaning the carpets, etc.  And my husband really wants a dog that’s twice her size?  I think not.  So got to bed really late.  And then got to do the whole thing all over again when I got up this morning, which totally screwed my workout.  I’d planned to start Beautiful Badass this morning, as my new Crossfit band came in (what? you think I can do pull ups unassisted? BWAHAHAHA!  I mean…thank you for your confidence), but I only had time for one of the time crunch workouts she outlines.  Better than nothing.  I’ll see if I can’t squeeze in a round of boxing or something when I got home at lunch.

My gender and entertainment survey is going pretty well.  I had 50 some odd responses last I checked.  Right now it is overwhelmingly women responders (which is actually pretty standard for surveys on any topic).  Please keep passing it around this week.  It’s only two minutes! Click to Tweet

Probably I should have something more interesting to talk about today but, see above, not enough sleep.  SLEEEEEEEPY.  Because, you know, this is me.

See you on the flipside.  I’ve got to go throw myself under the bus to keep my boss from harassing the tech guy.



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