Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

  1. So our AC went out last night.  Actually, it’s probably just frozen up again, which usually indicates low freon.  Which I know because THEY JUST REFILLED IT TWO MONTHS AGO.  So clearly there’s a problem and my decision to renew the home warranty was probably a good one.  The tech will come later this morning.
  2. I’ve been recording lectures this week.   Got through 4 of them yesterday afternoon, which would be AWESOME.  Except that I discovered at the end of the fourth that NONE OF THEM HAD RECORDED AUDIO.  There were bad things said.  And maybe a few tears (that might’ve been more from kicking the wall and stubbing my toe).  Got the problem fixed and managed to get ONE of the four re-recorded.  That’s on today’s to do list.
  3. On the writing front things have been going…slowly.  I had hopes of really blazing through these new scenes this week, but the fight scene has taken me several days to really nail down (which I did last night).  I expect to finish it today (depending on the state of our AC and whether we’re spending the night with my in laws).  Hubby’s got boys’ night tomorrow night, so I will have the evening free to write.  Hoping to knock out the next full scene.  Which then puts me up on the most complicated scene of the whole book.  The first version was a pretty damn big mess.  There’s a small, core component I’ll be able to keep, but the circumstances it’s embedded in are totally different from the original conception, and that’ll take some time to hammer out.  If I can get through THAT by end of the weekend, I’ll definitely feel over the hump on the hard stuff.
  4. I continue to really struggle with impatience.  I want stuff done YESTERDAY.  And I get frustrated when my brain just doesn’t perform like I think it ought to.  But I’m getting better about moving past that knee jerk reaction and frustration.  Most of the time.  It takes as long as it takes and quality is the important thing.
  5. I’m also struggling HUGELY with wanting to play with new shinys.   I’ve been talking one of them with one of my CPs and SHE’S hugely excited about it and I REALLY WANT TO DIVE IN!  But…revisions.  Bah.
  6. I’ve actually done a really good job doing my little stint of daily meditation.  I’m up to about ten minutes, which is probably about as long as I’ll ever do.  Anything longer than that and I’m wishing for a pillow and a blanket and edging into actual nap territory.

3 thoughts on “Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Revisions are so much worse when shiny new ideas are poking your brain. I’m in the middle of a WIP and I’ve already got a title ready for another work. I just need to write everything down and put it aside.

    I’ve had AC problems, too, and we had freon added. But the AC still doesn’t keep up when it’s REALLY hot.

    Hopefully, the meditation will help with the impatience. 🙂

  2. If the impatience bit were easy, it wouldn’t be a goal, right? Sounds like you’re doing just fine (because you’re still doing). I used to hate revisions, but having seen where it takes my story, I love it. I think I hated them because it was less easy to do than just writing something new. But there does come a point when you’re sick to death of the editing, so… best of luck. 😉

  3. There’s nothing so frustrating as having put in the work, and then finding it’s all for naught. Sooo sorry to hear you lost your lectures. I’d had similar experiences with writing projects.

    I think impatience haunts most goal-oriented people. It’s a constant push-pull between getting it right and getting it done.

    Keep meditating. I think it helps us maintain perspective–and that’s far too easy to lose when you’re in the thick of things.

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