Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Hubby’s birthday is coming up this week.   Since he has to work and 12 hour shifts don’t lend themselves to much time for celebration midweek, he declared he wanted a low key birthday.  Which meant date with me for a movie and homemade nachos (which were totally KICK ASS).  There will also be red velvet cheesecake, but that might be next weekend.
  2. We went to see Pacific Rim yesterday.  BEST MONSTER MOVIE EVAR.  It’s like…Godzilla meets Cloverfield (without the lousy camera work that makes you want to vomit from motion sickness) meets Transformers.  But GOOD.  I really couldn’t tell much from the previews except obviously big machines fight giant aliens.  And it IS that–your classic monster movie cliches–but damn they give you those cliches in STYLE.  It was a surprisingly…human story.   Guiermo Del Toro always does such a marvelous job with characters, and this was no deviation.  So we get interesting monsters, kick ass fighting (in a style that totally reminded me some of Voltron), human interest, end of the world story, with a touch of romance.  Also, the dude who plays the hero (from Sons of Anarchy) cleans up REALLY nice.  I was happy.
  3. I also broke down and gave him his birthday present early–a Kindle Paperwhite.  With a purple cover from the puppies.  Since he’s stuck at work today, I sent him an email with links to a whole bunch of Kindle freebie and sales newsletters that you can sign up for by genre.  So he’s getting all that set up and probably loading his crazy huge ebook library of Star Wars books on there.
  4. I did a full read through of Riven yesterday.  Picked up and fixed several inconsistencies and typos and was able to sort out what I needed to change in Act 4, which was a bit more than I expected, but still not too big a deal.  It’s so much stronger than the first draft.  Once my caffeine kicks in this morning, I’m about to start doing the hacking to cut out the stuff that won’t work in this act and make way for the new stuff I planned last night.  Between laundry and baking and various and sundry other chores today, I’m going to try to knock out at least 2, if not 3 scenes today.  Yeah, I’m ambitious.
  5. I haven’t actually even opened Anatomy of Story yet this round.  Maybe I’ll be in a better position to do that mentally once I’m out of Revision Hell.
  6. I’m down to 2 lectures left to record for my new class this fall.  I expect to hit those on Monday and that will be a HUGE load off.  I’ve still got to edit and produce every single one (15) and do all the REST of the stuff that goes into writing a class (with about 3 weeks to go before the start of the semester), but this is the worst of it.  Depending on how my week shapes up, I might be able to get through editing a third or half of the lectures.  That would be pretty awesome.  Having that class written would really free up a lot of mental real estate for me.
  7. Back to the Revision Cave!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. I loooove my Kindle Paperwhite! (I upgraded from the 2nd Gen.) — Did you include in the ebook newsletters? I like them.

  2. I’m behind on my visiting of blogs. My brain is in overload right now. So belated happy birthday to hubby!

    I LOVED Pacific Rim. LOVED. Did you know the person who wrote the screenplay is from my town? That’s kind of awesome.

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