Monday Miscellany and Looking for Opinions on Kobo Writing Life

In a glorious and unexpected start to a Monday at the end of July, it was below 70 degrees for my jog this morning.  Shaved a minute and a half off last week’s best time.  Go me!

Equally glorious and unexpected, my boss is OUT OF THE OFFICE today, so I shouldn’t have any trouble actually knocking out recording the last two lectures for my new fall class between getting regular work done.  Which will be a really epic thing to check off my To Do List.  I might even get a chance to start editing and producing them.

Not checked off my To Do list yet are the two scenes I intended to knock out yesterday.  :grumbles:  I did a lot of hacking, deleting the bits I knew wouldn’t work in the current Act 4, but I just couldn’t seem to get my brain to buckle down on the changes.  I FINALLY started to get a glimmer as I was falling asleep last night–which meant I had to flip on the light and scribble in the notebook I keep by the bed for that purpose.  So I’ll be moving forward on that today.

Either way, revisions WILL BE DONE, and there WILL BE a book to release.  A fair bit has changed since the last time I did this, not the least of which is that Kobo has its own publishing platform.  Obviously  all my previous work has been pushed to Kobo through Smashwords Premium Distribution (as that was the option at the time).  I’ve been trying to decide if I want to go directly through Kobo this time or to continue the trend.  I’d like to hear from those of you who’ve used Kobo Writing Life.  Have you had a good experience?  If you’ve done it both ways, do you have a preference and why?  This inquiring mind wants to know.


4 thoughts on “Monday Miscellany and Looking for Opinions on Kobo Writing Life

  1. I haven’t used Kobo, but I’m going to give some food for thought. I went with B & N directly, but I found I ended up making about .20 less per book (on my .99 ones) than I did when using Smashwords. So, even though going directly usually gets sales figures out faster, I’m going to stick to Smashwords for everything else as long as my royalties are better. Unless Kobo can offer me a better royalty percentage. Then I’ll think about it.

    1. I’ve actually considered going through Smashwords for BN simply to give myself the option of setting the price for free. I can’t do that on anything I went directly through BN for as they don’t price match like Amazon does and Amazon gets pissy because it’s still a higher price somewhere else. Not sure what Kobo’s policy is on that.

  2. From Kobo’s guide: “Payment will be issued on a monthly basis if your content has generated over
    $100.00 USD.”

    So if you don’t sell a lot on Kobo, that’s another possible reason to go through Smashwords.

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