Midweek #ROW80 Check-In and Some Link Love

It’s Wednesday.  And it’s already been the kind of week where that fact elicits a “THANK GOD.”  Not bad, just…yeah already ready for the weekend.

I’m sitting here listening to the Pacific Rim soundtrack, feeling the great urge to spar.  It gets the blood PUMPING!  I want a punching bag in my office!  :Imagines epic bo staff battle wherein I kick ASS:  (Note: Am not actually a badass with a bo staff–those who cannot do write about it and make it BETTER!)


In fact I missed my run this morning.  I evidently rolled over, turned off the alarm and passed immediately back out, sucked back into a dream that had the same tone as a cheesy Family Channel Christmas special, except not Christmas.  There was something about a small town mayoral campaign…

Revision Hell continues apace.  I’ve got 2 scenes of mostly new material to write, then 3 final scenes that just need to be expanded.  So…not done by end of July, but should finish this draft by end of this week–provided I figure OUT the new material, which I was supposed to do over this past weekend, but…yeah.  I’d love to say this will go back to my CPs on Sunday, but I’ll probably spend another week sucking it up and doing all the tightening and fine tuning so that what they get is (I hope) closest to the final draft.  Because, really, I’d like to get SQUEE and YAY in response to this next draft rather than qualified “It’s better, buuuuut….”

On the link love front, Chuck Wendig wrote a post today: 10 Thoughts on Story that has some really GREAT advice in there that can save us from being trapped in the “And then, and then, and then!” trap (dude, I am often SO guilty of this).  Also, his new YA dystopian Under The Empyrean Sky is OUT.  Go forth and CHECK IT!

5 thoughts on “Midweek #ROW80 Check-In and Some Link Love

  1. I love the Terrible Minds blog Chuck does. 🙂

    Good luck on revisions.

    You know I commented in one of your earlier posts the writer of Pacific Rim is from here? Well, I just talked to a guy here at work who didn’t think the movie would be good because he knows the writer and had always thought he was flaky. To which I replied, “I thought you knew writers are supposed to be like that.” LOL

      1. Oh well that’s flattering 😀 I passed my first level bo proficiency exam in taekwondo back in college, but never went any further with it owing to some life stuff that up and got in the way. It was always the psis that appealed to me.

  2. You made me giggle 😀 That’s ALWAYS a good thing, but esp. after my dog’s butt exploded on the street and I forgot the popper-scooper! I kid you not. 🙁

    You are getting it done. And yes, Chuck is AWESOME. I’ve actually added that post to Evernote, like so many before it.

    Shah X

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