Friday Surprise

I had a GLORIOUS SURPRISE this morning.  See, I woke up thinking it was Tuesday.  And it is, in fact, FRIDAY!  :cue dancing:

It’s been a week of putting out fires at the Evil Day Job, dealing with the inevitable bumps and hiccups that go along with some of the changes we’re making on a project, and training my less than technologically inclined boss on three new digital platforms for the NEW project.  She’s being a really good sport about it and is excited that there are iPad and iPhone apps to go along with two of them.  But by end of training yesterday, I could tell she was starting to glaze over when I went off on a tangent about the benefits of tags (the answer to “where do I file this thing that fits in 5 different categories?”).  My hope is that by the time this project is done, I can talk her into actually spending the $$ on these systems for our normal routine use.  Because DUDE, they make my happy little organized heart go pitter pat.  Check lists!  Calendars!  Project Coordination!  Oh my!

I am officially going to stop saying “I think I’ll finish revisions by x time.”  Not because I don’t think this book will ever be done (I haven’t hit that point yet, thank GOD), but just because stuff keeps interrupting (work, family in town, social obligations, etc.) and I keep having to go back to fix stuff.  Not, like, endless variations on the same thing and it must be “perfect,”  just logic issues.  It’s all making the book stronger, and in the end that is really the most important thing to me.  It will be done when it’s done.  And it will be quality.

It’s been nearly 2 years since I had a self published release (that would’ve been Red), and 2 and a half since my last Mirus release (Blindsight).  Well, there was Whisper of Shadow in the Magical Mayhem anthology from late September last year, but I think that’s less well known.  I’m really happy to be coming back to this series, and I want this release to make old fans happy and find some new readers for me.  So it’s worth taking the time to do it right, rather than rushing to get it out the door.

Of course, there is still a part of me that cowers in absolute terror that there will be some segment of fans who are infuriated by this book, not because I’m doing something heinous like killing off a favorite character or because it’s not a good story, but because it isn’t the story they’ve been waiting for.  It isn’t Revelation.  It doesn’t include anybody you’ve seen before in the Mirus world (save one peripheral character, who remains peripheral in this story).  It’s fresh territory entirely.  So…we’ll see how it’s received.

In any event, I’ll keep plugging away.  In the meantime, I’ve been working on editing my lectures.  Two down.  Thirteen to go.  Seventeen days until fall semester starts.  Next week I need to buckle down and start putting together the rest of the class.  And set up my abnormal class for fall.  And of course summer semester finals and such are next week.  It’s always something.


2 thoughts on “Friday Surprise

  1. I never tell anyone when something I write will be released. I’ve found that things never go as planned. 🙂 I think your fans will be okay with whatever you write in the Mirus world. I like the introduction of new characters. I’m sure it will be full of awesome.

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