Riven…It’s (A)LIVE!

Okay, so this is probably me this morning:

Anybody got a cupcake?  Cause I’m jonsing now…

So last night I GOT TO CLICK THE BUTTON! (By which I mean I hit “Publish”, like, everywhere.)

I expected it to be a few days before the buy links were available, but lo and behold, it is already available at AmazonBarnes and Noble, and Smashwords.  iBooks, Kobo, Diesel, and Sony will be coming soon.  And you can now add it on Goodreads!

My husband had the distinction (we think) of being the first person to purchase it when it went live on Amazon last night–a fact he woke me up at midnight to show me on his Paperwhite (Lesson: The lightbulb icon turns down the back lighting so as not to blind people in the dark).  He’s so cute. 😀

I’ve been a busy little bee this morning, updating the blog and website and taking care of all the little details that go along with a new release (I got to check seven things off my list this morning and feel TOTALLY ACCOMPLISHED!).  God, I’d forgotten how much of a CHARGE I get out of all this (hence why I look like a dancing Boston terrier this morning).

And now comes the great DIG OUT for the rest of the week.  Over the next few days, I need to finish working out the details of my contest, which I hope to post next week.

In the meantime, thanks to EVERYONE for their enthusiasm!  You are AWESOME!

8 thoughts on “Riven…It’s (A)LIVE!

  1. This news made my day!!! I’ve been looking forward to this book so much. I cannot wait to start it! Love the Mirus books 🙂

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