Holiday Movie Fest

Wow.  I haven’t posted in days.  I kept meaning to and getting sidetracked.  Lots of personal distractions.  My mom is having outpatient surgery tomorrow.  Not a big thing but a nuisance, so we’ve been getting ready for that.  She has to stay off her foot for a month, so she’s staying with us (we have no stairs).

Holiday movie season has started in our house.  We kicked it off with Last Holiday and The Holiday, two of my very favorite movies.  I’ve got my Holiday TV guide printed and I’ll be highlighting my faves to figure out what I can watch live and what I should DVR.  On the list are (in no particular order).

  • The Grinch (Jim Carey version)
  • How The Grinch Stole Christmas (traditional animated one)
  • Polar Express
  • The Santa Clause
  • Rudolph
  • Frosty
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas
  • A Christmas Carol (This is always a tossup between the Patrick Stewart version and the new animated one)
  • Smoky Mountain Christmas 
  • A Holiday To Remember
  • White Christmas (there will be a party accompanying this viewing, as I found out recently that my oldest friend has NEVER SEEN IT)

White Christmas is my hands-down favorite.  I know, that’s such a shock since I just wrote an entire novella around the story.  I just LOVE the music and the story and Danny Kaye just makes me grin.  He’s such an adorable goofball.  And thank God for it.  In the course of writing Be Careful, It’s My Heart, I watched the stage production on Youtube and read the screenplay.  As originally written, Phil was really a dog and a womanizer.  SO glad the producer/director went in the direction they did for the movie.

What is your favorite holiday flick?

8 thoughts on “Holiday Movie Fest

  1. Your list has a lot of my favorites on it. My very favorite, hands down, is The Christmas Card. I love the story, the characters, AND the scenery. And I recently discovered that I KNOW the person who wrote the screen play! It was her first one. And I found out that she wrote several of my favorites. That was exciting. 🙂

    I have yet to see The Christmas Carol listed on TV this year. My two favorite versions are the George C. Scott version and the Patrick Stewart version.

  2. My favorite is the animated Grinch. After Thanksgiving dinner, while the family trimmed the tree together, I put it in for the first time this year. (I own the DVD.) I watched it for the second time yesterday. I’ll be watching many more times before the present mother lode hits.

  3. I love One Magic Christmas, Love Actually, The Family Stone and All I Want for Christmas.
    Whenever I watch The Holiday, I long for a cottage just like Kate Winslet’s.

  4. I’m showing my age here but my favorites are:
    A Christmas Carol (1951 B&W version with Alastair Sim as Scrooge),
    It’s A Wonderful Life gets played every year at our house,
    A Charlie Brown Christmas, and
    Miracle on 34th Street (the original with Natalie Wood).

    We also play the Charlie Brown soundtrack CD by the Vince Guaraldi Trio for hours on end.

    I hope your Mom’s surgery goes well and she’s back on her feet soon.

  5. I really love Love, Actually as well as the Patrick Stewart A Christmas Carol (I also have the recording of him reading the book – that is my travel music on the way to my family’s for the holidays).

  6. I really love Love, Actually, even though it’s not a completely traditional Christmas movie, and also the Patrick Stewart Christmas Carol. I also have the recording of him reading the book, which is my travel soundtrack as I’m going to my parents’ for the holidays.

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