Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

Life is not about writing at the moment.

My mom had foot surgery yesterday and will be staying with us for a month to convalesce (as she can’t put any weight on her foot for the next 4 weeks).

Surgery went fine but it was a dramatic day, as her car broke down a block from the hospital on the way.  In the turn lane with a lot of very angry people behind us apparently not understanding that FLASHERS mean something is WRONG.  Mom went to walk the rest of the way and was picked up by a woman working for hospital security on her way to work.  So she sent somebody else from security and another Good Samaritan stopped to check on me, and the pair of them pushed me out of traffic (thank God–so grateful it was EARLY.  Forty minutes later and we’d have had all the going to work traffic).  So then I got to call in reinforcements.  I’ve been gone from home for fifteen years now, but two of mom’s friends came immediately when called and we all stayed with her until she went back for surgery, then I and one of them went to go deal with the car.  Had it towed to the mechanic.

The surgery itself was super fast (less than half an hour).  So after that, her remaining friend hauled us around to the pharmacy and the mechanic (to get all the stuff out of her car that was coming down to my house).  While running around doing that, we had an interesting experience.  My hometown is a railroad hub, so it’s divided by the railroad tracks and it is invariable that everybody gets caught by the train on a regular basis (it’s like the standing, socially acceptable excuse for being late to almost anything).  So we got caught by the train on this little side street in downtown, not far from the mechanic, and we saw this teeny little bakery.  First thing we all thought was What a terrible location.  But as we are sitting here in this line of cars, waiting, we see the proprietor of the bakery going car to car with a tray of mini muffins.  She stopped by ours and passed out what were, hands down, THE BEST blueberry muffins we have ever put in our mouths.  They were flipping AWESOME.  And now none of us will ever forget that she’s there.  She made an annoyance a positive.  GENIUS marketing.  At some point when I have more brain, I’m going to try to figure out how to apply that lesson to selling books.

So anyway, got Mom back to her house and transferred to MY car (along with all her stuff–grateful I have a two body trunk) and hauled home.  She’s already getting around better in the wheelchair and walker than she thought she would, so that’s a bonus.  I’m working on adjusting to having an extra person and stuff in my space (my OCD tendencies are screaming–I’m not a clean nut so much as things have a place and should be in them.  It’s the same kind of anxiety I have when we move that leads me to unpack practically 24/7 until it’s done.).  I slept eleven hours last night, and after a shower, I suspect I might even feel something approaching human.  I’m telecommuting to work the rest of this week so we can workout all the kinks in her getting around and medicated and such.

Hoping to get back to some words later today.  I have a seekrit project I’ve been working on that I’m almost ready to tell you about.

6 thoughts on “Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Sorry about the craziness with the car but I’m glad to hear your mom came out of the surgery ok. And that you got an awesome mini-muffin out of the day! I used to live in Muncie, Indiana where the local legend was that no bank was ever robbed there during the 1930s because of the number of train tracks crossing the town and the unpredictable railroad schedule.

  2. I don’t know how I missed this post in my email. *sigh* I hope your mom has a speedy recovery.

    So I wonder just how many times a train stops traffic at that particular spot and if she always passes out muffins. What a smart thing to do!

    I can’t wait to hear what you project is! I’ve just started reading Be Careful, It’s my Heart. 🙂

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