Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth the last week.  You see, I got thoroughly into the Dreaded Valley of the Shadow of the Middle with my  book, which is a frustrating and sometimes scary place under the best of conditions.   When you’re an obssessive-compulsive neurotic who can have an entire house moved and unpacked in a WEEK because you can’t DEAL with stuff out of place who has been forced to live in chaos for THREE WEEKS due to The Great Flood and having to wait on workmen and stuff getting DONE, it’s cue for an epic, disasterizing FIT.

I was going to try to find a GIF of a toddler throwing a fit, but I somehow wound up seeing one of a mostly nude Dr. Phil making spanking motions with his belly jiggling, and it’s just too early not to be scarred by that kind of crap.

Anyway, I went from my nice rational post Saturday (which was actually written on Friday) to being CONVINCED the book was broken and I would have to start over.  Which was just kind of the last stress I could cope with.  Began a new synopsis, sent to Claire and Susan for a logic check and waited.  And of course since I left out the 8 million details that are in my brain, they had a lot of questions, which just made me want to curl into a ball and cry.  Did I mention I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately?

Thankfully, Susan and Claire are not afraid of dealing with the crazy person and talked me down.  Once I chilled out a little, I had a clearer view of the problem and started taking notes.  And then Susan and I had a long marathon yesterday clarifying details and filling in the stuff in the middle I didn’t know as well as I thought I did.  I’ve still got a LOT of work to do on revising the rest of my outline, but I DON’T have to start completely over, and I get to keep about 14 of the 24 scenes I’ve written, with some modifications, including my favorite little darlings.  So that was good.

Also the sheetrock guys finished with the ceiling yesterday, so we’re down to just finding someone to paint, and then I CAN HAVE MY HOUSE BACK.

But more outline revisions will wait until next week.  I head out today for the coast and will be at the Romantic Times Reader’s Convention Thursday and Friday!  SO EXCITED!  I haven’t had a vacation longer than a long weekend in I don’t know how long.  And DFWCon was the last writers’ con I went to, and that’s been 2 or 3 years.  Really looking forward to the influx of writer energy and seeing MAH PEOPLE!  Gotta go shower and finish packing.

One thought on “Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

  1. I think I’ve been scarred by just the description of the Dr. Phil gif. If I saw it in person I’d need to burn my corneas with acid. :O

    I hope you have SO MUCH FUN at RT. I’m following the hashtag on twitter and it sounds like an adult Disney World, except with books and authors and writers and agents and BOOKS!!! I wanted to go so bad–but last fall I was sick, had surgery, and just didn’t have the energy to get my stuff together for it. Next year though, I am so totally there!

    I’m glad you were able to get a clearer view of your WiP and realized you don’t have to start over. Good friends who can talk us down from the ledge (especially when we want to throw it all out the window!) are the best, aren’t they? Have a great week and good luck with your WiP!

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