Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Check-In

  1. It’s a gray and rainy day.  This was fabulous for sleeping in and less fabulous for taking Princess Daisy out to potty, as hubby wasn’t awake yet to hold the umbrella.  I’m working on my second cup of tea and just finished my menu planning for the week.  I’ve been awful about putting that off lately, and I’ve learned that if I don’t do it on Sunday, that’s the kiss of death and I just won’t do it and will flounder the rest of the week over the “What’s for dinner?” question.  Since I’m in a “use what we’ve got” phase at the moment, actual planning is a must.
  2. I’m sitting here listening to a purring cat.  Not an actual cat, mind you, as we are a dog household and are allergic to kitties, but I discovered a Cat Purr channel on (my current favorite website).  Even as a dog lover, I can attest to the relaxing and therapeutic qualities of a cat’s purr.
  3. Yesterday I went up to my mom’s to help her decorate for Christmas.  It was crazy early, but it’s when we both had time.  It helped that it was cold out, so it felt later in the year than it actually is.  And since she does the fake tree thing, no harm in getting it up this early.  It’s got me motivated to actually clean out all our decorations this year.  I’ve got a ton of stuff in the attic, some that I’ve picked up myself over the years, some that were gifts, some that I got when Mom did her big purge when she moved several years ago.  Even with a 10 foot tree, I’ve got more than I need.  So I’m making a promise to myself to pull down EVERYTHING this year and go through it to toss things that are broken or whatever.  I have to do it on the put UP leg of decorating because once it’s time to pack it all back away again, I just want it over with and will rush through.  I’m not what you could call excited by this prospect, but it needs doing.
  4. It also has me kicking around various and sundry ideas for a Christmas story.  It’s nothing I’ll write this year (or at least won’t get written and released unless a Meet Cute takes over my brain), but it’s kind of what my writer’s brain does when exposed to all these holiday novellas and Hallmark Channel Christmas movies.  It’s where Be Careful, It’s My Heart came from year before last.
  5. Speaking of White Christmas, one of the movie theaters in my hometown is showing it on the big screen one day in December in honor of the 60th anniversary.  I am so there.  It is my FAVORITE Christmas movie, and I don’t expect I’ll ever get the chance to see it on a movie screen again.  It’s like when the Star Wars original trilogy was rereleased before Episode I came out.  Epic.
  6. The Bulldogs lost their number one spot in their game against Alabama yesterday.  I don’t wanna talk about it.
  7. It’s been a slow week on the writing front.  I finished The Pink Hammer’s revisions on TGMTY and was waiting on the rest.  I’ve done a little bit of character work on two different novel projects–one in Wishful, one not.  I have a lot more work to do before I can start on the next project.  I would really like to be able to dive in December 1st, but I mentally have to get TY off the brain before I can fully invest in the plotting of the next book.  I’ve got 2 weeks to do the plotting, so it could happen if I get fully engaged.  I’m pretty clear on my hero and what his arc needs to be (which isn’t a surprise–it’s totally his book), but I know next to nothing about my shero, other than some basics, and I haven’t figured out how they overcome the bad guy in the end, which has me stalled out on moving forward through the rest of the toolkit.  Either way, I’ll try.  I would really like to do my own personal NaNo during December to get a significant chunk of this first draft down before I go back to work after New Year’s.
  8. I heard back from my marketing expert on Friday, so I’m diving in to the necessary revisions to TGMTY that she brought up (thank you Jess!).  With luck, I’ll get through all those today and can get ARCs to those promised by tomorrow.  Most of it is small stuff, but I do have one new scene to add.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Check-In

  1. I get the real deal purring (have two kitties). It’s nice! Very calming.

    Still sounds like a productive week overall.

    It’s been cold and rainy/snowy here. I tend to want to wait until after Thanksgiving before gearing up for the holidays, but with Turkey Day being so late…guess I have to suck it up and start earlier.

    Have a stellar week, Kait!!

  2. My cat likes to be outside- maybe because she was born feral, and lived that way for her first seven months…when she decides to purr for me, though, it’s after all but pushing my laptop out of her way so I’ll hold her.

    She has a lovely purr, though, and she is a good mouser, so I can live with the laptop-jostling.

    Only my daughter still enjoys having a tree. We’re low-key holiday people. We’re getting her her own artificial tree (pink or purple, I believe), and she can use whatever decorations she likes.

    We won’t be ready for that until after Thanksgiving, though. For that, we go to a buffet, since the kids aren’t into the traditional meal, and my chef husband would rather not cook on a rare Thursday off. We have a lot of fun, just the four of us, and we all get to eat what we like with no cleanup needed afterwards. We score!

    Sounds like you have a lot of projects in progress. I like the idea of doing your own NaNo, at a time more convenient for you.

    May your Thanksgiving be wonderful, Kait!

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