Dear Daisy

The floor looks all wrong.

I thought you should know that, being that you’re now in a position to run the Universe like you always wanted (I presume that flash storm we had yesterday afternoon was the coup you staged shortly after your arrival upstairs).  I hope you find the minions there to your satisfaction.  I know you were always harping how it was hard to find quality minions.

Quality Control

None of us know what to do without the Queen.  Callie is laying all around the floor where you should be, but not in your spot.  Your Dad and I are in rough shape.  Stupid day job.  As much as I prize quiet, the silence is utterly deafening and intolerable.  You’re supposed to be giving orders with that curious half bark you’ve had since the stroke.

Mush, human!

I’m sure you’ll let us know, when the time comes, which pooch is the right new member of the family.  Being that you were a pound puppy yourself, I know you’ll be supportive of us rescuing another.  We thought we’d stick with the flower theme for a name–maybe Shasta, in your honor, if we get another girl.  When you’re done plotting the downfall of all the squirrels up there, feel free to pass that info along.

Daisy on her special bed in the PT room.
Daisy on her special bed in the PT room.

We’re going to donate your helper harness to the vet school.  You were their mascot and a real champion success story after your FCE.  Maybe your indomitable spirit will be passed on to another pup who needs it.  You went from this:

Daisy in ICU

To this:

You bounced back from unilateral paralysis in an amazing way and never stopped enriching our lives.  It was a privilege and a joy to serve you.

Sister love

So until you figure out how to pull a Winchester, give Angel and Uncle Shadow our our love and have fun plotting your world domination.


13 thoughts on “Dear Daisy

  1. I’m sorry to hear Daisy is gone. They are our friends, our companions, our children. They love us unconditionally and they leave such a big hole in our lives when they leave. Hugs.

  2. Oh Kait – I am so very sorry for your loss… Your post is lovely – having gone through something similar (twice) in recent weeks – it really touched my heart. Thank you for sharing and please know, my thoughts are with you and your family… *hugs*

  3. I’m sitting here sobbing at work. Having gone through this recently, I’m feeling your pain and am feeling so helpless to do or say anything to make it better. I think it’s great that you want to adopt another pound puppy. There are so many animals needing good homes. What a great way to honor Daisy.

  4. I remembered what the dog sweater Daisy got at Christmas from Granny her first Christmas wit us. I Love my Grandpa! Enough said.

  5. So sorry for your loss. We lost one of our boys before Christmas last year. I still talk to him. When they leave, they leave a big hole in your heart. All of us who have lost such a perfect love mourn with you. 🙁

  6. I so sorry for your loss. Thank you for letting us into your life in this tender moment. I can only imagine how hard it’s been. I know I’ll fall apart when mine goes. Such a wonderful tribute for a devoted friend.

  7. So sorry for your loss, Kait. My own precious girl, a beagle, is 16. I cherish every day we have with her. She’s such an important part of my life, so I know how big of a hole can be left once our fur babies are gone. Hugs.

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