Official Proof of My Crazy

I said I wasn’t gonna do it.  I have too much to do (which is the truth).  Evil Day Job 1, Evil Day Job 2, writing a new course for spring to go with the new book, promo stuff, IBC responsibilities, home improvement projects because we’re getting ready to list our house in a few […]

Second Week Slump and Book Binge

I am DEEP in the second week slump of NaNo.  While I am often that person who touts “Hope springs eternal”, I don’t really have a prayer of reaching 50k.  And I’m okay with that.  I didn’t really think I would.  The thing that’s falling to the wayside seems to be the novella (for which […]

A Rant About Laptop Cords

At the time of this writing, my laptop is on its last, battery-powered breath.  I have been able to prolong this death by considerable contortions and applying pressure to the wound.  You see, my laptop cable has broken.  AGAIN.  I have had this happen on virtually every laptop I’ve ever owned.  With the exception of […]

Back From Garage Sale Insanity

It’s Sunday morning and I’m back from garage sale madness.  I left Thursday night for my mom’s and spent Friday and through noon Saturday trying to sell a bunch of stuff I no longer needed or wanted.  I’m pretty pleased.  I made $158.50, got rid of several things, and took the rest to the Salvation […]

Resisting Temptation

November 1st is on the horizon.  I have my plan.  The ultimate goal for this coming month that will help to save my sanity over Christmas break and the following the semester.  I’m going to finish those lectures and the novella.  And maybe do some work on the Draft 2 outline for HiS.  I’m not […]

NaNoWriMo Bound

Everybody’s talking about NaNoWriMo.  That’s National Novel Writing Month to any of you uninitiated.  The month of November is when thousands of lunatics hopeful writers set out to write 50,000 words in a month.  Thirty short days.  I myself have participated in the insanity four times, and “won” twice.  I can’t say that I’ve managed […]

Novel Push Initiative

Anybody who’s hung around here for any length of time knows that I’m a big fan of accountability groups and anything that involves me having to report my daily word count somewhere.  70 Days of Sweat, Holly Lisle’s Write A Book With Me, Nanowrimo (though not so much since I got out of grad school), […]

Novel At A Sprint

I am a big fan of these various write a novel at a sprint sort of challenges.  NaNoWriMo (which I’ve done a few times and usually fail miserably at), 70 Days of Sweat (done 3 times) , Fast Draft (never done).  I have no idea why.  I so often participate and then don’t do well […]

Five Reasons I…

Yeah, I know, I’ve been a total post slacker lately.  For those loyal few who keep coming back here, thanks for sticking with me!  We’ve been trying to get a federal grant application out the door at the day job, finals started for the 3 classes I’m teaching, I’m in the midst of designing a […]

NaNo Neurosis

I’ve been buried in grant writing this week for the day job, which has not played nice with my ability to sit down and write fun stuff (other than yesterday’s 2700+ words of tangent notebook additions).  I’ve also been way behind on my blog reading.  I happened to pop over to my friend Joely Sue […]