Daily Progress Report

Til Death: 0

Daily Goal: Not Met

So yeah, I’m not going to make my goal this week.  Yesterday was a mental health day, today I’ve just been busy with other things (my mom’s birthday for one), and tomorrow I’ve got to go to an out of town wedding 5 hours away.  I will probably pack my laptop with the delusion of working in the car, but the last several times I’ve tried that, it hasn’t gone well.  So I may just take a notepad and pen and be done with it.  Or take advantage of that time to do something really radical and READ FOR FUN.

On a positive note, we got a huge early Christmas present for the whole family here.  The side that always makes things difficult isn’t coming!  Reactions were actually very amusing.  We all looked to the heavens as if they had cracked open with angels singing “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!” in crystal voices.  We do all feel bad that they are sick (that’s why they aren’t coming), but Christmas just got a lot less stressful.  I come from a small family where the most we ever had was 6 people at Christmas.  This year we’ll have 7, instead of 13, so that’s going to be lovely and low key and laid back.   Today I shipped off all my friends’ Christmas gifts.  Sunday I need to put together my last two packages that need to be mailed, so that they can get sent off on Monday, then all I have left is wrapping.  I think…

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