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Well, as I said yesterday, I had an out of town wedding today and just got back.  Nada in the way of written words.  I did a little bit of thinking about my bad guy’s profile and sort of how he’s going to react to the situation that I need to write next.  Tomorrow’s project will be to read through what I’ve written to get back into things (since it’s been three days since I wrote anything).  Then we’ll see.  On the drive up to Chattanooga I finished Midnight Bayou again (read it when it came out and picked it up again to get me in the mood for ghosty things).  I should have taken my laptop. Not necessarily that I think I would have written anything but I could have TRIED on the 4 and a half hour drive home since it was too dark to read the other books I took with me (if I still own a booklight, darn if I have any idea where it is).  My poor hubby is exhausted.  He’s been up over 30 hours.  This night shift seriously does not work with normal life.  He’s about to shower and pass out, and I won’t be far behind.

I have, by the way, noticed a trend among spam comments lately.  They’re disguised to look like actual comments and you may not realize when you go to approve them that they aren’t unless you happen to look at the original post to which they are commenting.  Like tonight I got one to approve that said “Hmm, interesting, but I don’t agree with you.”  But it was on one of my Daily Progress Reports that had nothing to agree or disagree with!  Not sure what the point is of that.  But whatever.  Sleep is calling my name.

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