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HOC: 633

Daily Goal: not met

I did good to get anything written today.  Spent the entire work day sorting out a debacle among 333 physical files and 7 databases, so it wasn’t like I was able to really multitask and think about my plot.  Then when I got home, hubby decides he FINALLY is going to walk (like we were SUPPOSED to have been doing since January 1), then dinner, then 4 episodes of NCIS (we’re catching up on DVR…).  Anyway, I was happy to get anything written.  Tomorrow we get our hero’s reaction to seeing the heroine for the first time in over ten years.  Sleeping pill’s kicking in.  Time to pass out.

By the way…anybody know how long the authorities can keep a body on ice during an ongoing murder investigation?

3 thoughts on “Daily Progress Report

  1. Sheriff’s department in a fictional Mississippi County. I’m from Mississippi, but this isn’t a bit of local info I’m privy to! The murder happened a week ago in the story, and I know that the family would be pressuring for release of the body so they could do a funeral and all. Since it’s a clear homicide I wasn’t sure how long they’d keep the body. Or could keep it legally.

  2. Ah, I can’t help with Mississippi. Why not call the local Sheriff’s dept, explain that you’re writing a book, and ask the question? Or better still turn up in person and ask.

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