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HOC: 1003

Daily Goal: Met

Well they didn’t ALL go in the manuscript–there was some stopping and starting and hacking that went on with today’s scene.  But I’m mostly pleased I think.  I wound up Chapter One with a nice 3075 words.  It’s a solid opening, I think.  The reader is introduced to the heroine, some of her backstory, who she is, what she does, and we also meet the hero, hint at his backstory with the heroine and set them up in the situation that’s going to be uncomfortable for both of them.  Time for bed.  Hopefully I’ll crash without the aid of Simply Sleep or Benedryl tonight.

I’m waiting on an email back (hopefully) from the state M.E. office with answers to a few of my procedural questions about how long stuff takes in Mississippi.  With luck I’ll hear back in a week or so.  In the past I’ve had pretty good luck getting questions answered from various agencies when I penned a polite email.  Hey, never hurts to ask!  If they don’t respond, you’ve just wasted a few minutes of your time.  If they do, you get your answer and add a layer of credibility and believability to your story.  Ask and ye shall receive!

Oh, and a note of thanks to whomever submitted my blog to www.blogged.com.  I’ve been getting a nice boost in traffic from it!

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