Daily Progress Report

HOC: 1061

Daily Goal: Met

Today I wrote out another scene with Collin. It wasn’t the scene I’d expected to write today, but it was an effort to sort of fill in Collin’s life. One of my problems in the previous draft was that I didn’t spend a lot of effort on his life outside Kensie and outside his family. Since I’m not giving his family an active role this go round, I REALLY needed to flesh out what life outside work is for him. So we met his best friend Seth.

Last night, Collin also got a face. I asked Pot who she saw when she read him and she pointed me to Nathan Fallion. He’s perfect! And it’s really helped me sort of visualize him. And if it’s an excuse to indulge in rewatching Firefly to get my updated dose of Mal… 🙂 Now if only I could figure out who Kensie looks like.

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