Daily Progress Report

HOC: 1007

Daily Goal: Met

Had an emotional scene between Kensie and her partner today. Amazed I got anything done as my nose has been replaced with this:

People have been looking at me like I’m a lunatic today because I’ve been saying that I’d rather have the flu. With the flu no one expects you to be at work or do anything productive because, well, you’ve got the flu. You don’t get out of anything with a runny nose. You’re expected to be productive and go to work even though you’ve gone through a whole box of Puffs with Aloe and a box of that awful sandpaper kleenex they keep at work and you’ve spent the last 7 hours with tissue stuffed up your nose like some sort of mutant walrus. And you’re perfectly miserable. Okay, /bitch. It did get funny. I’ve been serial sneezing like crazy with this freak allergy attack and I kept getting emails from colleagues around the office (outside my closed door) “Hey are you okay?”

No idea where I’m going next in HOC, but I’ll think about it tomorrow. Oh, and Pot helped me pick a face for Kensie:

Don’t she and Collin make a cute couple?

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