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HOC: 1020

Daily Goal: Met

I actually finished my words for the day at 10 this morning–the scene wound up coming together really easily.  And I know the next scene–had big plans to get to it after our supper company left tonight.  Then my husband dropped the bomb that he’s considering a career change (or I should say a change to a career rather than a job) and that, being that it came out of left field, necessitated some discussion and thought, and I just never got around to writing again.  Now I’m sleepy.   Tomorrow’s scene continues the angst of the one I wrote today (which was the end of Chapter 3).  I sort of reviewed my first three chapters today, and I’m pretty pleased.  It’s not a slow start like the previous draft.  It starts quick and stays that way.  By the end of the first three chapters we’ve met the hero and heroine, gotten hints about their background, set up the antagonistic dynamic between the two, introduced the first dead body, given the history on how the heroine’s husband died, and raised a whole passel of questions that will hopefully keep any readers (or prospective agents or editors) wanting to know more.  So yay for that.  I’m glad I’m sticking it out with the new draft.  I guess the mourning period is finished.

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