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GOD was it not met.  Talk about writer’s block!  I finished out the scene I wrote yesterday–yeah you know, the one that isn’t going in the manuscript for several chapters.  But that didn’t take long.  And then I went back to where I left off–I need to do one of those summary sorts of passages where a lot happens in little text (to avoid redundancy of info already imparted elsewhere)–and I stared at it.  And stared at it.  And stared at it.  Tried to reread the previous chapter but couldn’t focus between the Family Guy episode on TV and my husband’s snoring (he passed out on the sofa while watching the former).  I finally got some quiet when he hopped in the shower to get ready for work, but all I got was one paragraph.  It, in itself, didn’t suck, but I just couldn’t get any further.  My head is absolutely not in Collin’s right now.  I had a really scatterbrained sort of day at work today anyway, so there wasn’t as much thought about plot stuff in general as I’m normally able to do.

I was talking to Pot earlier about how hard it is for me to keep my hero and heroine apart for SO LONG.  Not necessarily where I am right at this moment in the story, but for how long they’re GOING to be apart.  Normally in one of my stories the hero and heroine don’t have this past together, so I’m bringing them together from the beginning.  In Kensie and Collin’s case, it’s the past that keeps them apart for a huge part of the story.  In another couple of chapters there will be this big reveal of the hero’s side of what happened ten years ago (yesterday’s stuff) and it comes out that he isn’t a dick and there was a good reason for it, and Kensie’s actually more at fault than she realized…and when I got finished writing it last night (before I wrote today’s ending), all I wanted to do was throw my heroine (yeah okay, I admit it, forget Kensie, I wanted to throw myself) into Collin’s arms for some lovely reunion smoochies.  Oh hubby…  BUUUUT–it wouldn’t serve the story.  I don’t have Kensie’s issues, and she can’t just do that (more’s the pity).  So they’re STILL apart, though not at odds anymore until this big emotional scene that will occur some as yet undetermined time after that.  Sometimes it’s hard to serve the story and not my own personal entertainment.  I mean, really, they start out as brain dolls for me, and I love them and I want them to be together.  So it’s freaking HARD to keep them apart.  If I know my sappy, romantic heart, I won’t have toooooooo long a period between the past reveal and the big emotional scene because, frankly, I don’t know if I can take it.  I’ll be busting them up with the Black Moment in good time, so I want them to have at least a LITTLE honeymoonish period in the middle of the nightmare in which they are getting together (because really, a serial homicide investigation doesn’t leave a lot of room for moonlight and roses and champagne, right?).  I think I have started to ramble and that’s a good sign that the cough syrup is kicking in and that’s my cue to snooze.

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