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HOC: 441

Daily Goal: Not met

Well this is the second day running I didn’t make my goal of 1k.  But I did write, which is more than I expected to do.  I plan to get a lot of writing done over the weekend, as hubby gets in tomorrow from his shift at 7 am, so I’ll have from whenever I wake up to whenever he wakes up to write, and some time Sunday morning and then after 7 Sunday night, as he’s going in for a 12 hour shift. My goal for the weekend is to get far enough in the story that I can go ahead and add in the scene I wrote last week.  That sets me up to work toward Kensie’s big emotional breakdown, which is directly related to getting her together with Collin–because it will just make me HAPPY to have them together finally!  That will be another 40-50 pages I’m guessing.  I’m about to break 20k, which feels like a big milestone for some reason.  1/5th of the way done.

I did another full read through today (I do those a lot whenever I’ve gotten my head out of the characters for work or whatever), and I have to say that I’m really glad I listened to all those encouraging folks that said I should stick with the changes.  While this book is very different from it’s predecessor, it’s much better, I think.  It’s more put together and even, the progression of the action plot and the romance plot intertwine better and are more evenly distributed through each chapter and from the beginning.  So I have to say I’m really pleased with what I’ve got so far in these first 65 pages.  And on that note, time for bed.

Sidenote: Hubby and I went to see Definitely, Maybe for my birthday tonight.  Way cute and well thought out.  Two thumbs up.

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