Dead At 104

I just read the article.  Phyllis Whitney died last week  She was 104 years old.  What a loss to the industry.  While her last novel was published over 10 years ago, she was incredibly prolific, authoring over 75 books in her long career.  I think I read most of them.  I was always an avid mystery fan, and her romantic suspense was my bridge into romance.  I still remember my favorite Woman Without A Past, which I reread several times because the heroine had my first name (which I went by at the time).  I love her books because they all have happy endings and typically centered on relatable characters.  But hey, 104.  She kept writing until the end, starting on her autobiography at 102.  What a wonderful, full life she lead!  104…wow.  That would give me another 76 years to write.  That might be enough time to get most of these stories out of my head :).

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