Continuation of I Hate My Book Day

I’ve been speed reading through lunch.

The good news: I’m fairly happy with everything up through the end of Chapter Six.  I need to extend the scene that chapter ends with, but other than a few small additions, some thoughts, physical reactions in earlier pages, that whole 74 page stretch is solid.  Nice to have at least some good news.
The bad news: Other than the section of routine police work between the Thank God You’re Alive kiss and the love scene and the stretch where Collin gets out his side of the story, I’m not happy with anything else.  I like the ideas, just not the execution.  So that’s like 20 pages or so of highlighted passages to either work on or–more likely–totally axe and rewrite.  The whole beginning to Chapter 7 is lame and needs rethinking.  And I need to add a scene in that chapter that gives us a better idea of where Kensie’s head is.    Her whole reaction to his side of the story is botched and needs rewriting–it isn’t consistent and I haven’t quite been able to decide where her head is at that point.  Her conversation with the killer needs to be longer and there should be more punch–more fear.  And then there’s the love scene I don’t even want to think about.

But it can be fixed.   I just have to keep telling myself that.

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