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HOC: 2105

Daily Goal: Met

Well after a long and irritating “I Hate My Book” Day, I think I’m getting back on track.  On the list of changes I wanted to make, I’m about half done.  I rewrote the front half of Chapter 7 (MUCH HAPPIER), added some stuff to the middle scene there and tacked on some more to the beginning of the dinner scene.  I also went through and added a handful of lines here and there earlier on as groundwork for the stuff that comes later.  Tomorrow’s plan on Day 1 of Sweat, Round 3, is to rewrite her reaction to his side of the story and the conversation with the killer.  And then…we’ll see where we are.   Pot and I are currently brainstorming for a nickname Kensie uses when she’s annoyed with her partner.  He tends to call her “woman” or “skinny” when he’s annoyed.  He’s a 220 pound ex-linebacker from south central Georgia.  Big, tough black man (we love Malachi).  What can she call him when she’s annoyed?  I am open for suggestions.  The current placeholder is “overgrown Neanderthal”.

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