Daily Progress Report

HOC: 1156

Daily Goal: Met

Well the good news is that I’ve corrected everything on my list.  I rewrote Kensie’s reaction to hearing Collin’s side of the story, expanded her conversation with the killer, and changed up the beginning of the following scene at which point we switch back to Collin’s POV.  I’m much much happier with everything I have leading up to the love scene.

The bad news is that I still have to do–something with the love scene.  It doesn’t all suck.  Pot thinks it has good bones.  Maybe I’ll feel differently in the morning.  I made a bit of an effort at the scene that comes after, but that’s not totally clear to me either other than the fact that he wakes up and she’s not there.  But anyway, I’m on target wordwise.

And I even got my grading done for my classes today.  Tomorrow I get to write around doing our income taxes.  Joy.

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