Daily Progress Report

HOC: 561

Daily Goal: Not Met

Weekly Total: 7270

Weekly Goal: Met

Yeah, so you may notice that my overall total just shrunk by 8571–yeah, that was painful! Puts me about 9 days behind.  But since I finished that insert, so much of what came after doesn’t quite fit, and I decided it would be easier if it wasn’t there to distract me. So I’m just going to go forward from scratch. Which is fine. So I’m a little bit behind now, I think and there’s definitely no cushion for my upcoming vacation. But I still say the whole thing is better supported now than it was before, so it’s okay.

29269 written in the actual manuscript (not outlining or notes) since the start of the Sweat. Which means I’m a little bit behind on total, which should be 30k at this point. But I’m not far off, so I can live with it. I’ll make it up when I get rolling again. I need to go make my list of points I need to cover in tomorrow’s scene.

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