Daily Progress Report

HOC: 1120
Daily Goal: Met

Whew!  It was a slow day on the writing front today.  But I got through my scene.  Tomorrow I get to find another body.   Joy.   And to try to weave some sexual tension throughout the search.  Even more fun.  Can you hear the excitement people?  Riiiiight.  By the end of this week I should be through, plotwise, to the point where I had actually left off in my plotting–which is kind of not good and kind of okay.  I can do a lot of plotting on my vacation.  Figure out the details if not actually write a lot.

Other news for the day, my dear friend Kiana is making the jump from years of fanfic writing to original fiction.  Wahoo!  She’s incredibly talented, and I’ve been harassing her to do this for years.  Her genre of choice is urban fantasy, which suits her down to the ground.  We’re going to crit for each other too, so that will be fun.  It’ll be good to have another opinion.  Pot and I sometimes see too much eye to eye. 😀  Ki’s also going to take a stab at seeing if she can think of a new title for it, as she’s much better at titles than I.  So woo hoo for that!  I’m off to bed.

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