Daily Progress Report

HOC: 331

Daily Goal: Not Met

It was a lousy day for writing.  I was in an all day meeting at work, so didn’t even get a chance to turn my brain to the issue of Kensie and Collin until I got home at 5, and then I wound up getting roped into making my famous homemade calzones for my husband for a work party, and all of the run around preparation for our impending departure for Colorado TOMORROW.  I couldn’t focus with all the distractions.  I had originally expected to have a sort of emotional breakdown here, but it’s definitely not happening here, and I”m not sure that it’s going to happen the way the story has been going.  Not that that’s a bad thing–it’s just how it’s unfolded.  We’re getting ready for I love yous, which is always nice.  But, of course, I won’t get a chance to do much of anything in the morning before we leave, and hubby will want to talk in the airport and on the plane and in the car…. (I’m a captive audience at that point, I suppose), so there will be no working until, at earliest, tomorrow night.  I’m just not going to make my weekly goal this week.  And that’s okay.  Maybe I’ll get up early and do a full read through in the morning.  With everything else that’s been cluttering my head this week, I probably need it.

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