10 Signs You Are A Twitter Addict

  1. You turn on Twitter before you have ingested your caffeine of choice in the morning.
  2. If you have a random question, you turn to Twitter before you Google.
  3. At least 50% of your incoming email consists of Twitter follow notifications, Tweetlater announcements, or Twitter direct message notifications.
  4. You begin abbreviating words in email or IM (this is also a sign you could be a texting addict).
  5. You begin using hashtags in IM or email.
  6. You begin to refer to all your friends by their @username.
  7. You subscribe to someone’s twitter stream.
  8. When you get good (or bad) news, you immediately want to tweet about it before calling close friends or family.
  9. You have multiple Twitter profiles and it’s not because you are a writer trying to get to know your characters better.
  10. You dream in tweets. (Yes, I totally did this last night).

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