Welcome Back To Mi Vida Loca

The way things work around here is that there are about 4 of us (plus a few grad students) on my boss’s staff and because my boss is completely incapable of multitaking, she usually focuses intensely on one of us at a time, thus giving the rest of us a much needed mental break as she temporarily forgets our existence.  That’s where we’ve been the last couple of weeks as she moved on to working on other projects that weren’t mine.  I’ve been taking advantage and writing and reading and generally giving myself time to recharge.

Well that’s officially over today as a grant application lands on my desk to prep to go to NIH.  Okay fine.  It’s a PITA, but nothing I haven’t done before.  Thus ends my mental vacation.

I’ve actually had kind of an extended one over the summer as my summer class didn’t make, so for the last two and a half months, I’ve only had one job to think about.  It’s been great, though tight financially.  Well classes start again on Monday and that means I’m officially back to Crazy Town until mid December.  The money will be nice so we can pay another big chunk off and replenish the savings that the government robbed us of for our taxes.  And honestly, I’m kind of looking forward to it.  Oh, I know I’ll be going bananas in a month or two, but I actually usually work better on a writing front when I’m supposed to be doing other stuff.  Inspiration more often strikes when I should be doing this, that, or the other thing.  I’ve had too much time this summer to think about my book (if that’s possible) and so I’ve fallen out of my microsprint writing and done a lot of staring at the screen to ultimately get…about the same as I would have gotten with a normal day’s microsprint series.

It kind of begs the question whether I need to be doing something I’m not nuts about to really focus on the work.  A scary thought.

Anyway, time to get back to the grindstone.  Glad I made my weekly goal yesterday.

3 thoughts on “Welcome Back To Mi Vida Loca

  1. I think it must be some weird writer thing that when we have all the time to write we find anything else to do including ironing and scrubbing the toilet. When we have a million other things going on we start throwing our toys because we don’t have time to write so then we make time.

    I sure haven’t found an answer to it. Even though I’ve had many, many spare hours in the days lately I still find I only get my minimum 1 hour a day, unless I’m behind on my monthly goals and then I still have to get some mental away time between writing sessions.

    1. I used to be SOOOOO productive during finals week when I was in college and grad school…anything but studying. I’d get 10k or more in a matter of days. It’s like I do well when I’m on a deadline for SOMETHING ELSE, just not whatever it is I’m actually writing.

  2. I’m the same way – the more I have to do, the more I get done writing. The less I have to do, the less writing I get done. Kind of a curse, really.

    But hey, congrats on all that progress you’re going to be making soon! 🙂

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