Meh Monday

It’s Monday, which we all know is my favorite day of the week–NOT.  We are on our 20th straight day of rain.  Despite my raincoat and umbrella, I got soaked from the ass down on my way into work this morning.  It felt like this driving in to work.   Wet denim does not a happy Kait make, though my little space heater seems to have dried out the worst of it by now.  Everything is soggy and sodden and muddy, and it isn’t even winter yet.  I expect this kind of thing in January or February.  Not September.  It’s not even COLD, which would make me marginally happier as then at least I could be inside with some lovely, hearty soups and chilis and wrap up in favorite cozy sweaters.  But no.  It’s still hot and miserably humid, like walking around with a wet wool blanket draped over you all day.

I feel like my skin itself is mildewing.

And let’s not talk about that squishy sock feeling.

According to the forecast, there’s more rain all week.  Guh.  WHEN WILL IT END?  And ugh, my poor dogs.  They’ve been stuck inside all this time.  The fact that Callie’s only had one accident is probably something of a minor miracle.  And poor Daisy is terrified of thunderstorms, so she’s been having a very emotionally trying 3 weeks.  Which means that my poor hubby hasn’t gotten sleep for most of it, as she spends all night freaking out at the thunder (I have earplugs).

Staff meeting dragged on forever this morning, and there was much discussion of the dismal economy and how that’s going to affect us.  So far not much, but if things don’t stabilize…

In more positive news, I plowed through 4 books this weekend.  On a YA kick in prep for plotting out my next project, I read the entire Secret Circle trilogy and the first of the Dark Visions trilogy, both by L.J. Smith.  Identifying stakes and internal conflict and such is getting easier.  Of course it might be that it was YA and more transparent.  Who knows.  Anyway, it was nice to reread them and find that I still loved them just as much as when I was a kid, even though I could honestly look at them objectively and see how they might have been improved.  I look too at current YA and how the rose colored glasses have come off, and I have to rejoice again that they have finally recognized that teens have real issues to deal with, that sex is a reality, and that the job of older YA fiction is NOT to raise a kid but to entertain.

The novella is going pretty well.  I did some work on it this weekend between research on mixed martial arts and UFC fighting, and I’m still baffled as to why the voice has been so clear for the start, but I will absolutely ride this train as far as it will take me.

In the meantime, pray for sun.

2 thoughts on “Meh Monday

  1. Prayers indeed – I love rainy days and storms for writing, but not for plowing through the workaday world. and to be so soggy – might you bring along an extra set of clothes in plastic bags? I couldn’t sit in wet jeans all day!

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