Yesterday I was supposed to be writing some lectures for my theories of personality class.  I didn’t.

Bad me.  I’ll regret it later.

I didn’t write the lectures because I had a power brainstorming session with Pot about HiS.  Like uber, mega figure almost everything out session.  We started with the idea I had as I was going to sleep last night regarding the set up and went from there.  We followed both major plot threads through to the end, the romance plot thread, the internal character arcs.  The subplots I’m totally axing.  We went back and talked about each of their backstories and how that would present itself.  Their strengths.  Their weaknesses.

And they suddenly started becoming real.  Real, flawed, interesting people.  Who have stuff to learn from each other and about themselves.  Who have room to grow in the context of the story.

Thank God.

It’s the same story I told before, but…more.  It’s the story I should have told the first time, but with real people rather than paper dolls.  It’s got the same end result, a lot of the same main points, but different context, slightly different inciting incidents.  More depth.

It will be a straight rewrite rather than revisions.  But that’s fine.  I”m not afraid of the work.  I’ll throw myself into a project that I know what to do with.

This hamster is getting off the wheel and onto the road.  Or I will after I finish the novella I’m working on.

Thank you Pot.

3 thoughts on “Breakthrough!

  1. Congrats, Kait!

    I have two issues right now: I’m working in an area on my novel where I have several partial scenes already written and must revise/transition between them (ugh!), and I am incredibly sick! Need to go back to bed, but have too much work to do today. Anyway, Sunday was a bust for NPI, but yesterday (10/12) I got two scenes together while writing 333 new words.

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