Sunday Summary

  1. The end of Devil’s Eye is nigh! I passed the halfway mark the other day.  Hubs has to work today, so I’m shooting for 2 scenes. He’s stuck working next Sunday and Labor Day, so I have aspirations of knocking the first draft out.  Keep your fingers crossed!  It means it would be finished in just over a month, which is exactly how long I’d planned it to take.  What a concept.
  2. I’m winding up the first full month at the $1.99 (discounted to $1.00). While I’m down 36% in terms of numbers of copies sold since last month, but I’m climbing profit wise, up about 3%.  I think it’s settling into a steady level of sales that really has nothing to do with the price.  I’m fine with that.
  3. Forsaken By Shadow will be put out as an audiobook! I’m going to be using Perfect Voices to produce.  I got the audition clips last week and am positively stupid excited about hearing somebody else read my words.  I’ll let y’all know when it’s available.
  4. My next project will be outside the Mirus universe. I had planned to start Edge of Shadow next so that it would be finished in time for the Christmas rush of all who get e-readers.  But Rab and Kayla haven’t been talking to me.  No, it’s been Elodie Rose, heroine of the YA paranormal I gave you a sneak peak into.  It’s a full length novel, so barring some freak production miracle, it won’t be ready until after the New Year.  And you know what?  That’s okay.  It will be nice to play in a new world for a while.  I’ve been developing my Mirus series for 2 years, so it’s time for a break.  This will be totally different.  I’m really excited!
  5. If you’ll recall, I did an informal poll this week looking at what originally inspired writers to write. This was in response to an article suggesting that most writers got their inspiration from the classics.  My sample was incredibly small (only 14), but of the lot only 21% picked the classics.  Everyone else picked genre fiction or “other”.
  6. Finally, my fabulous crit partner Susan Bischoff has sold 100 copies of Hush Money in her FIRST MONTH! It took me over 2 months and a 31 day blog tour to sell that many!  No surprise to me, though.  Hush Money is kick ass awesome and you should be reading it!

One thought on “Sunday Summary

  1. I can’t wait to read Devil’s Eye. It’s much easier to work when people aren’t underfoot, isn’t it? 😉

    It’s good that Amazon discounted your book, but you still get the royalty on full price. That’s what happens when Amazon finds it somewhere else cheaper. LOL It’s happened to me, too. I’m glad your sales are steady.

    I can’t believe you’re doing audio on FBS! That’s just awesome. I love audiobooks.

    People who aren’t writers just can’t understand how characters talk to us. They really do. And mine actually do things in the story that I don’t expect. If Elodie Rose is speaking to you, you gotta write that story!

    I was one of the “others” in that pole. I really don’t see classics inspiring people who are writing today.

    Oh, and as for Hush Money? AWESOME book! I loved it.

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