The Big Scare and A Thank You

So for anybody who didn’t hear the news via twitter or text yesterday, we thought hubby re-broke his leg.  He called as I was getting ready for work to say that he’d slipped in the frost and fallen and something cracked and now it didn’t feel right and he was almost positive it was broken.  My precise response is not printable.

Tell it, Luke

Anyway, after jumping through hoops to get a replacement to come in and cover him at work, we went to the ER, where we hung out making bad jokes all morning before finally being informed that it was NOT, in fact, broken, just badly sprained and he needed to stay off it for a few days and should be fine.  No fractures.  The rod and screws are all where they are supposed to be, doing their job.

Thank you God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, and any other deity who had a hand in my life not getting ruined again for the next 4 months.  And thanks to all the well-wishes, prayers, and positive thoughts from all of you.  The Twitter prayer chain is a powerful thing.  :sighs in massive relief:

When I finally returned to the land of internet, it was to a plethora of kind, thoughtful, and humbling comments on my latest post.  THIS is why I blog.  Because all of you kind, wonderful people are there to help pick me up when I fall or get scared or upset.  You’re there to support me when others can’t (or won’t).  And you’re there to remind me that I’ve accomplished something worthwhile, even when it’s not exactly what I was personally hoping for.  It honestly NEVER crossed my mind that I’d done anything anybody would be jealous of (apart from my freakish organizational skills, which are to be envied :wink:).  That’s a nice, perspective-altering, humbling thought.

So a great big shout out of THANK YOU to my peeps who listen to me ramble every day.  You make it so much easier to put one foot in front of the other every day.

3 thoughts on “The Big Scare and A Thank You

  1. I’m so glad his leg wasn’t broken again! I know that was scary for both of you.

    You mentioned all the kind, wonderful people who support you. You know, if I never sell another book in my life, the whole thing would have been worth it just to have met so many great people through this journey. Did you ever think all these authors and readers would be so supportive. It’s great, isn’t it?

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