Cover Reveal: Riven

As if I hadn’t had enough squeeable excitement this week, the fabulous Robin of Robin Ludwig Designs has already created my delectable new cover for the third novella in the Mirus series, Riven. Go ahead, drool.  You know you wanna.  Aren’t Orrin and Dahlia pretty?  Yep, Orrin.  Remember Mr. Sparky from Forsaken By Shadow?  He’s the hero of this little tale.  Look for Riven sometime this summer (it’s the project I’m tackling after I finish Red).

26 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Riven

  1. Holy schmoly, I’m so awful with names. Thanks for the Mr. Sparky reference, it helped jog my old man brain.

    I love the colors for this cover. Robin tops herself every time.

    I leave you now with a fan request for Orrin and Dahlia to at some point take a break from their adventure and visit Le Loup Garou for a drink. It’s hard enough waiting for Mick to get his next adventure. Yes, HIS name I remember.

      1. *Shakes fist at computer screen*

        Just so you know, if I beta read Riven, the first note will be, “Needs more Mick.” I’m so desperate I may try to think of a subplot where the wolf in Red learns Mick is his long uncle or something.

        1. Oh, oh, my poor Andrew. There is, sadly, no Mick at all in Riven. Almost the entire story takes place in Alinar (the Fae capital city), and the part that doesn’t is in the complex of the Council of Races. Nary a visit to New Orleans.

  2. It’s great!! I think this one is my favorite cover of your short stories! Red still holds the spot for best cover EVER though 😉

    I am squeeing with you because Robin is working on my cover too! She sent me the proof yesterday, so I should have the final one here shortly! So Excited!!!!! Does it continue to be this exciting each time or does some of the magic wear off after the first cover?

    1. The truly awesome thing about Robin is that she can take my totally incoherent and rambling description of the book and the characters and GET IT…tone, look, everything. It’s a gift!

  3. Good-gosh woman, you are like blessed by the cover-art faeries! Gooooooorgeous! Not to mention I liked Mr. Sparky-although if I have the honor of reviewing Riven when it’s done, my first line might be very similar like Andrew’s “Needs more Mick.” 😉

    Can’t keep us were-lovin’ folks out with a bloody great barricade, I tell ya.

  4. Blessed gods, that’s gorgeous! I’d been meaning to ask you who does your covers.

    I keep making my husband (who is a designer) study Paranormal Romance covers so he can do mine and he keeps spluttering that he knows what he’s doing. Ah-huh. I’m going to let him try one then circulate it for opinions. If this doesn’t work out I want a back-up plan.

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