Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Of course the big headline news around Casa Nolan this week is that I have an agent.  Which contributed to my lack of productivity on a lot of fronts just by the sheer, staggering nature of the event.  It’s been quite the thing, and I’ve been held up as an example of why writers need a platform and as a mushroom eater.  I am finally coming down from the initial high and predict I shall return to normal productivity tomorrow.
  2. I got fabulous new cover art for Riven. Thank you ROBIN!  For anyone who wants to hire my uber talented cover designer, I use Robin Ludwig of Robin Ludwig Designs.  She is awesome, reasonably priced, and totally gets it when you explain stories to her.
  3. I did a long series of posts about promo for the indie author, wherein I talk about blog tours, the power of the free, other stuff Goodreads can do for you, and the stuff I perceive to be not as big a bang for your buck. I compiled them all into a handy dandy single download for anyone who’s interested.
  4. I also did a somewhat reactionary post challenging folks to end the ignorance around what’s said about self-publishing. I admit to being rather inflammatory and using a direct comparison to people’s modern perceptions of Mississippi and racism.  Most folks totally understood what I was trying to say.  At least one person seemed to think I was attacking all Yankees and saying that none of them knew anything about the truth of the Civil War, which, of course, is not what I said.  Is it really considered talking about my politics to reference something that happened over 200 years ago?  This person did not read to the end of the post to actually get my point, and I’ve lost a reader over it.  That was, obviously, not my intention.  I did not make any broad, sweeping statements about any group of people.  I just highlighted a bunch of the idiots I have encountered over time and showed THEIR prejudices to illustrate my argument.  If this person had bothered reading to the end of the post, they would have seen that my point is that you should present a balanced argument.  So here it is: Idiots and prejudiced people exist.  So are awesome, intelligent ones who think before they talk, inform themselves, and don’t just parrot what they’ve been told. ‘Nuff said.
  5. I finished my anthology short story, which I think I’m going to call Blind Sight. That’s my big writing accomplishment for the week.  I’m about a week behind schedule from where I wanted to be, and I’ve been away from Red a lot longer than planned.  I read through it all yesterday to re-orient, so I plan to dive back into it tomorrow (have house guests this weekend).  I also did a lot of serious brainstorming with the fabulous Claire Legrand about backstory for my hero in Revelation.  So that plot is starting to turn into something, which is exciting.
  6. In more personal news, I finally found a GOOD gluten free pizza crust recipe. I shall be posting it over at Pots and Plots later this week.  The next quest: gluten free hamburger buns.

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