Lost In Christmas by Cherie Marks

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Lost In Christmas

By Cherie Marks

Can you lose your heart on the way to finding yourself? Or, more specifically, finding your grandmother? It’s Christmastime, and Sunny Willis, New Falls’ resident librarian and soon-to-be doctoral expert on classical, nude art, can’t locate the woman who practically raised her. Her only hope is the deputy whose very presence makes her heart pound. Can she focus enough to avoid dilapidated police cars, flirty tow-truck drivers, and nosy townspeople so that she can be reunited with her nana?

Bennett Jamison is a fresh addition to the New Falls’ Sheriff’s Office, and he’s got a lot to prove as the newest deputy. When a missing person case arises, he wants to do everything by the book, and hopefully, impress his boss, Sheriff Quentin Taylor. Unfortunately, the girl he’s never stopped crushing on compromises his investigation and causes his thoughts to turn romantic. He needs to get over her and do his job. If she’d just stop being so damn sexy.

In New Falls, Tennessee, people and belongings go missing on a regular basis, but they usually resurface, and everything takes a turn toward love. Can Bennett and Sunny navigate their growing affections and find those who are missing before they get Lost in Christmas?


Kathleen Brooks and The Gratitude Giveaway

In addition to rolling out the forthcoming Romancing The Holidays boxed set, I am also so blessed to have the chance to work with THIRTEEN other amazing authors in an effort to spread more GRATITUDE in the world!  


Today, I want to share with you Kathleen Brooks’ The Keeneston Roses.  Most of you probably think of KENTUCKY and BLUEGRASS when it comes to Kathleen (as you rightly should…her Bluegrass Brothers series is awesome).  But this is the one she’s most grateful to share with the world!

In her own words

Upon losing what each considered their true love very early in life, the Rose sisters dedicated their lives to supporting and nurturing their community.  In the end, the people they’ve helped show their gratitude by helping the Rose sisters realize their own second chance at love.

Love always finds a way…

Lily Rae Rose has been headstrong since she was a child. Maybe that’s why she fell for the bad boy next door. But Lily learns that not all bad boys can be reformed. After suffering the pain of a broken heart, Lily dedicated herself to finding the perfect match for her friends. This let her enjoy the benefits of love without the pain . . . that is, until town gossip John Wolfe forced her to confront the pain of the past.

Daisy Mae Rose may only be minutes apart from her two sisters, but she always felt invisible as the middle sister. When a man makes her the center of attention, Daisy blooms under his loving care. But the unthinkable happens when he joins the war effort and leaves her behind forever. But there was someone else who had loved Daisy in high school, and now he has returned.

Violet Fae Rose was always the wild one. After high school, she did the impossible . . . she left the small town of Keeneston and went to culinary school in France. While in the City of Love, Violet falls for the one person she shouldn’t. Violet quickly finds out the downside of a forbidden romance and runs away to the French countryside to lose herself in her cooking. But sometimes it takes returning home to fully put things back together. Violet finds peace in playing matchmaker with her sisters. Then, one day, Violet finds herself on the receiving end of someone else’s matchmaking.


C’mon.  You know you’re all over sister stories.  Find out more about The Keenseston Roses and the other books included in our Gratitude Sale!  Oh, and did I mention there are PRIZES GALORE???  There are several Visa gift cards and TWO Kindles up for grabs!

Home For Christmas by Mel Hammond

Next up in our Romancing The Holidays countdown is

Home For Christmas

By Mel Hammond

When Saskia McKinlay returns to the town she was born it’s to keep a promise to her best friend, nothing more. She doesn’t care about the man who fathered her, then walked away, and with any luck she will be home in her Melbourne apartment before her mother realizes she’s gone. But returning to the outback stirs up memories Sass hadn’t realised existed, and with the memories comes questions. Was her past as neat as her mother would have her think it was or is there more to the story of the man who bore the name father in title only? One thing is for sure; Sass can’t leave again without asking him – if she can find him. Has her father walked out of her life a second time?


A Magical Christmas in Jerusalem by Joanne Dannon

Continuing our countdown to the release of Romancing The Holidays (just 99 cents for SEVEN holiday novellas!), today we have…

A Magical Christmas in Jerusalem

By Joanne Dannon

When falling in love isn’t as easy as falling in love.

Australian project manager Kiara Lonsdale is career focussed and determined to provide and care for the grandmother who raised her. Taking time off work to vacation has never been high on her agenda, but this year she’s made an exception. She’s helping her gran fulfil a life-long dream by accompanying her on a Christmas to the Holy Land tour.

Jacques Lenoir and his extended family run tours in Israel and he’s committed to their business. Jacques feels responsible for his grandparents’ welfare since they risked their lives, and others’, as operatives in the French Resistance, during the War.

But over romantic dinners in the desert, camel rides, and mud baths at the Dead Sea, sparks fly between Kiara and Jacques. Will this only be a holiday romance or will a touch of Christmas magic make it last a lifetime?


Introducing Romancing The Holidays!

I know, I know, it’s not past Thanksgiving yet.  Don’t pelt me with dinner rolls.  I have a REASON for bringing up Christmas!
So it’s been a BUSY BUSY year on the writing front for me and I have ONE LAST RELEASE coming up–the Romancing The Holidays Boxed Set, which contains the 7th Wishful story, Dance Me A Dream.  It releases November 25th (that’d be Black Friday to you fellow Americans out there).  So, grab your copy for a mere 99 cents (it’s also part of KU, if you’ve got a subscription for that) and hang onto it for when you finish watching Gilmore Girls and waking up from your turkey coma.  It’s JUST the thing to get you into the holiday spirit.

Every day between here and there, I’m going to be featuring one of the stories from the set.  A countdown, if you will.  I think there’s something in here for everyone!

First up…

Serendipity, A Christmas Fairy Tale

Jolene Cazzola

Lauren Watson was the girl who had everything — at least that’s the way the outside world saw her… beautiful, smart, independent. She had a great job, owned her own penthouse condo, had tons of friends and there was no shortage of great-looking guys around to date.

What she hid from the world (and herself) most of the time, was how much she wanted a “special man” in her life. Raised by a single mother, she was beginning to think she’d never find the right person. Every year since she was in college, she had asked Santa to bring her a boyfriend for Christmas, but Santa had stopped listening to her requests a long time ago. And this year, even her best girl friend had deserted her for the holidays.

But sometimes, fate steps in to give Santa a little help as Lauren finds out in Serendipity – A Christmas Fairy Tale. A sexy, sensual novella that will make you believe again!

Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

Where, oh where, has our little Kait gone

I haven’t been posting.  Well, obviously.  We shifted formats for ROW80 to the FB group, so I’ve just kinda let the blog languish.  The name of the game all year has been buckle down, nose to the grindstone, get stuff done.  And I have.  Grand total, I put out, let’s see…how many books?

  1. Just For This Moment
  2. Virtually Yours anthology (now out of print, it contained the original novella version of Wish I Might)
  3. Turn My World Around
  4. If I Didn’t Care
  5. Wish I Might (expanded novel edition)
  6. Dance Me A Dream (part of the Romancing The Holidays anthology, releasing November 25th. Preorder yours today!  :end shameless plug:)

So, yeah.  Six books.  I also wrote Book 2 of my Sooper Seekrit Project.  I wrote Book 1 for my NaNo project last year, and I didn’t put in adequate planning, so right now I’m back to that one doing a true second draft.


I haven’t had to do one since I started using The Story Toolkit and given that this is coming on the heels of If I Didn’t Care (which was a total gift book that practically wrote itself), I’m struggling.  I was already behind schedule on this book (I was meant to be finishing it this week and starting on Book 3), and then the election happened and all the fallout from that has been terribly distracting.  And, of course, life stuff.  I can’t keep my head in this book.  When I do a read through of what I have, I like it fine, I’m interested, I think it’s going well.  But I haven’t been able to maintain that connection with my characters where we’re having those constant mental conversations.  And that’s made this book feel like a Job with a capital J.  Which means I’m really not having fun.  Not that you always have fun when you’re a career writer, but just…UGH.

I can’t decide what I want to do.  Some of the changes I’m making to the story will necessitate changes to Book 2 (relatively minor, comparatively).  I’m contemplating possibly setting Book 1 aside for a little bit and going ahead with those revisions to Book 2.  Then I can send it on to my editor while I go back to fight with Book 1.  I have already given up any aspirations of making my original deadlines this year.  I don’t even know what the story to Book 3 is yet.  So I’m shooting to have Books 1 and 2 finished and Book 3 outlined by the end of the year.  We’ll see.  But I’m just…in a funk.

A New Release and New Book Series!

I meant to post about this last week when the book actually released, but I was traveling for work on launch day and apparently it slipped my mind.  I am so excited to announce the launch of a brand new spin-off series from my core Wishful Romance series.  When I started Wishful, I set out to highlight everything that I love about living in the small town South–all our quirks, foibles, and dreams provide a fabulous (and often funny) backdrop to contemporary romances about stubborn, independent women and the men who love them. But not every story fit that lighter side. Wishing For A Hero novels are still small town romance stories, but they’ve got a darker tone and an edge of suspense.  There are (at present), five planned books in the series.  It kicks off with Autumn and Judd, my absolute favorite couple from the Wishful world.  Early reviews have been fantastic:

Kait Nolan hits it out of the ballpark with the first book in a new Wishful spinoff series. Wishing for a Hero? Then you will want to snag this book right now. –Sharon Hughson


Kait’s clever writing and relatable characters make this book a dream to read. A bit reminiscent of La Nora’s category romance novels that have the perfect blend of romance and suspense (heavy on the romance, seasoned to perfection with suspense), the emotional stakes are high and the characters believable enough that I wanted to slap Judd upside the head a time or two and then kiss it all better. And take Autumn out for a spa day so she and I could dish about Judd.  –MizN


There are absolutely no words to express the BIG LOVE I feel for this book!!! I have enjoyed the entire Wishful series and this certainly is no exception!!! Judd and Autumn had me from beginning to end, laughing, crying, smiling and cheering (with a bit of frustration) to the point that I did not want the book to end!!! This has to be one of my all time favorite books and these two characters are on the top of the list of my favorites. This book is well worth the read and if you haven’t read the rest of the Wishful books, please read them, they are well worth it. I would also like to become a Southerner!!! –J.Latt


If I Didn't Care (Wishing For A Hero #1)

He has one mission

Since they were children, career cop Judd Hamilton has built his life around taking care of his best friend, Autumn Buchanan. While he might once have dreamed of a different future for them, everything changed the day her father tried to kill them both. Determined to keep her safe, Judd put his feelings aside and turned his focus to protecting her, always.

She leads a double life

Nobody in their small town would ever dream that Autumn, Wishful’s friendly librarian, is really successful erotic romantic suspense author, Rumor Fairchild. No one knows that the swoon-worthy hero of her series is based on her best friend, Judd. He’s been fulfilling her rescue fantasies for years, and now she’s ready to catapult them out of the friend zone to make her real life romance come true.

Will Judd be able to protect her when her real life nightmare returns?


Grab your copy today!

The Story Toolkit: The Last Book Planning Tool You’ll Ever Need


The Story Toolkit

So, anybody who has followed me for any real length of time through the writing of a book or six, has probably heard me talk about The Story Toolkit that I use to plan out all my books.  This is the brainchild of my long term crit partner and editor, Susan Bischoff.  I’ve always thought of The Story Toolkit as having a mini-Susan there to ask me all the stuff she always asks me when I start a new book.  She’d say she wrote it for herself, as a means to have some hand-holding through the book writing process.  I think she just got tired of me asking the same questions over and over 😉  Either way, we’ve spent years refining the system and it’s finally available for everybody else to use!

My most essential book planning tool

toolkit-coverI cannot say enough good things about this system.  It’s made me a better, more efficient writer.  The only book I’ve had to fully redraft since I started using it was the one book I told myself “Oh, I don’t need to fill the whole thing out for this.”  (Spoiler Alert: Yeah, I totally did).  This system is not about plotting–at least not in the scary way that makes most pantsers hyperventilate.  It’s about PLANNING and BUILDING and figuring out all the important bits you need to know about your book–no matter where you are in the story.

The Story Toolkit may not be the last book you’ll ever need on story crafting, but it will ABSOLUTELY become an essential part of your arsenal.

Get yours today

She’s having a NaNo Prep/Introductory Sale for the month of October.  Grab this invaluable resource while it’s still only $2.99!!!  (And if you’ve got a Kindle Unlimited subscription, nab it through that for free!)

Round 4 #ROW80 Goals

Time for Round 4 already.  It’s been a hella productive year so far, and I’d like to finish out strong.  So, without further ado…

  1. Write 20 out of 30 days.  I never seem to have trouble meeting this.
  2. Finish expansion of Wish I Might.  I just got this novella back from the Virtually Yours anthology and am expanding it to finish telling the story that wouldn’t quite fit in the boxed set word count.
  3. Finish revisions on Autumn and Judd’s book.  Diving into these as soon as I finish the expansion on WIM.  I also have to decide on a TITLE, write the blurb, and do all that jazz related to release.
  4. Write second draft of Sooper Seekrit Project Book 1.  I did not use the toolkit on this and I’m paying for it.
  5. Plot and write Sooper Seekrit Project Book 3.  I’ve now been working on this trilogy for a year, so I’ve got a much better handle on the stories and settings, and I feel like this one will go better than the first one did.
  6. Prep print editions of Wishful series.  I’ve been putting this off, as it’s going to require dealing with print formatting, which I HATE.  And, of course, making the full covers.  But I’d like to have these put together for Christmas.

That’s it.  Short and sweet list, but lots to do!

Final Round 3 #ROW80 Check-In

I have been generally lousy at actually checking in this round.  Not because I didn’t have things to report, but just because I was busy DOING said things and not taking time out for anything else.  So, to review

Goals for Round 3

  1. Oldie but goodie, write 20 days out of every 30.
  2. Finish writing Turn My World Around, the Wishful novel (#6) I’m 2/3rds of the way through with.  
  3. Finish revisions on Dance Me A Dream (#8), another Wishful novella that’s my contribution to a holiday anthology releasing later this year.
  4. Revise Sooper Seekrit Project Book 1.
  5. Plot out Sooper Seekrit Project Book 3.  
  6. Begin formatting Wishful books for print editions.

How I Did

  1. I wrote 65 days out of the last 83 (since I track my stuff by actual calendar month, not just by round).  In that span, I cranked out 102,825 words.
  2. I did finish Turn My World Around, which released September 1st.
  3. I also finished revisions on Dance Me A Dream, which were next to nil. Awesome Editor said it is the closest thing to perfect I’ve ever handed her.
  4. I didn’t even touch Sooper Seekret Project Book 1.
  5. Didn’t do any plotting on Sooper Seekrit Project Book 3
  6. And I didn’t touch the formatting for print editions.
  7. What I did do is jigger around my production schedule to push back the Sooper Seekrit Project’s release until after the first of the year and moved up the next book in my Wishful series (which may or may not end up as the first of a related spin-off series..we’ll see).  This is Autumn and Judd’s book, which I’ve been waiting to write for nearly two years.  And once I gave it the go ahead, Autumn was more or less “Move over, honey,” and spewed out the first 40k in 20 days (which actually got her together with Judd) And then she abandoned me to slog through the Dreaded Valley of the Shadow of the Middle on my own.  In any event, I cranked out this entire book and sent it off to Awesome Editor this weekend.
  8. And I began the expansion of Wish I Might, the novella I have in the Virtually Yours anthology.  It comes back to me in October and I decided that I wanted to flesh it out a little.  I expected maybe a scene here or there.  Ten scenes later…it’ll probably wind up a short novel.  So once that’s done, I’ll be releasing it out into the wild on its own.

So, all in all, it was a very very productive Round.  I’m quite happy.