Reclaiming A Room of My Own

I am a neat freak. My husband will deny this unto his last breath given the state of our house most of the time.  But the fact is, we’ve been married for 12 years and he’s very much NOT a neat freak, and I just don’t have the time or energy to fight it.  Tried […]

New Meet Cute Romance Covers!

So I have this thing where I like to play with cover art when I’m bored or procrastinating.  I’ve been gradually getting better with Photoshop, watching a video here, reading a tutorial there.  I completely <3 my cover artist Robin Ludwig, but I can’t justify the cost of her talents for my Meet Cutes since […]

Cleaning Up Between Books

Today is November 1st.  To those of you who NaNo, I salute you! I often join in the frenzy, but this year I’m waiting on revision notes from my CPs and taking the time to dig out on multiple fronts.  I’ve been catching up on things I put off (down to just ONE assignment left […]

On Being Opinionated

I had no idea when I set up my ranty post about writer entitlement on Wednesday that it was going to go kind of viral.  I mean, dude, I GOT RTed by JIM BUTCHER!  (Thanks to Suzan Butler for letting me know that because…AWESOME). The post has had almost 6k views as of this morning, […]

In Praise of Rebellion

I am a huge fan of Justine Musk.  It seems like every time one of her posts hits my inbox, I find myself nodding like a bobble head or wanting to give the woman a fist bump and a HELL YES.  This was another of those posts. A female creator is by definition a rebel, […]

Midweek #ROW80 Non-Update and BOOK RECS

Yeah I totally have nothing to report since the last check in.  I haven’t even posted since Sunday.  Why?   Because there are some books that life simply has to stop for. Last week, the 6th and final book in The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, City of Heavenly Fire, came out.  I loved the first […]

Talking About Season Finales

So we’re into that time of year where we’re facing season finales all over the place.  Now that I’m home, I’ve been catching up on various shows.  And I’m getting a lot of really great reminders about craft, the importance of surprising the reader, and circularity.  Warning, if you have not seen the finales for SHIELD, […]

Three Awesome Things

This artist makes tiny dioramas that show life after the apocalypse.  The detail is exquisite!  I tried to grab a pic to embed, but it’s not savable.  Go look! YOU CAN NOW TAKE CLASSES AT HOGWARTS ONLINE!  Come on, you know you wanna geek out that way. And I am totally digging this score from […]