Concentric Circles

I’ve been a terribly unproductive girl today.  Well not on everything.  I had a class this morning that was an Introduction to Adobe Flash.  That was interesting.  Beyond that, my sum total accomplishment for the day is to get my cooking blog moved from (where I got sick of all the ads and the […]


Considering that I felt pretty well brain dead and hormonal yesterday, I made an astonishing amount of progress.  With Pot’s help, I finally settled on an actual name for my paranormal type FBI group (it’s the Investigation and Enforcement Division of the Council of Races, the IED, in case you care).  A small enough thing, […]

I’m Sick And Twisted…

In the midst of all the frantic work to write and put together my abnormal psych class the last 3 and a half weeks, I’ve been working as much as possible on the plotting front, and as I’ve already mentioned, Pot and I have been doing character interviews.  Mostly I’ve focused on Marley and Conall, […]

All in The Name of Research

One of the big shifts for me as a writer in 2009 is to get back to the paranormal, and more specifically paranormal romance.  I’ve been reading as voraciously as my schedule will allow, focusing heavily on books featuring werewolves, since that’s the topic of my first dip back into the paranormal pool.  I’ve been […]

Getting Back In The Groove

I had this really great post all about the origins of paranormal species in fiction and how to set yourself apart from the crowd.  Then my browser froze and ate it.  As I don’t have the time to pull my thoughts on that together again right this moment, I’ll save it for another day.  In […]

Bookstore Booty

Well I took 32 books to the used book store to trade today.  They took 28.  I came home with 17 new books, 3 of which were gifts for someone else.  For ME, the name of the game was paranormal, werewolves in particular.  I’m trying several new authors, so we’ll see how it goes.  I […]

Lightbox at iStockphoto

This feature could be considered both a procrastination and a useful tool. A lot of us writers like to find faces to go with our characters. Or images that remind us of scenes in our WIP. Having a visual representation often helps get us into the Zone for working on a scene. I first started […]

Goals For 2009 (Early Resolutions)

As you read this, I’m actually on I-20 on my way to Texas to visit family, but courtesy of being able to release stuff when I want, I figured I’d write something up for y’all for today. I’ve been thinking a lot about goals lately.  I didn’t keep my focus this year, so I didn’t […]

Crazy Train

I think it’s time I admit that 2008 has been a transition year for me in my writing.  I know it’s not New Year’s yet, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about today.  2007 was the year to get myself back into it and give my work the serious focus it deserved and to finish […]

Over Dose

Okay, it’s time to admit it.  I’ve been in denial and offering up all kinds of excuses, but I just can’t escape it anymore. I have overdosed on my genre.  I’ve been reading and writing romantic suspense exclusively for about eight years (with a few side trips in my reading).  I’ve got piles of new […]