Over Dose

Okay, it’s time to admit it.  I’ve been in denial and offering up all kinds of excuses, but I just can’t escape it anymore.

I have overdosed on my genre.  I’ve been reading and writing romantic suspense exclusively for about eight years (with a few side trips in my reading).  I’ve got piles of new romantic suspense books to read.  Books I picked up both because the stories sounded intriguing and I wanted to analyze them from an author’s standpoint.  But the ones I’ve picked up, I’ve put back down, not because I”m bored or I don’t like the story but because–well, it’s like having fruit when you really want ice cream.  It’s not what I’m craving right now.  In reading or in writing.  I’ve had the damnedest time getting back into TD.  I’m not enthused about going back to work on HOC.  And my brain just isn’t on the contemporary romantic suspense train right now.

I’m tired of beating myself up over it.  If I keep trying to push through this, I suspect that whatever I produce is just going to show my general meh about the whole thing.  Which would just mean I’d have to do it all over again whenever this phase passes because meh isn’t worth shopping.

So now what?

Well, not that I’ve talked about it much here, but my roots are actually in paranormal.  When I started writing back in high school (not counting my first efforts between 12-14), my passion was paranormal.  I love taking folklore and bringing it into the real life contemporary world.  I’ve got a massive collection of books on folklore and myth from around the world, and many many of my early WIPs up through middle college were in that vein.

I’m not sure what got me off on the contemporary romantic suspense train in the first place.  Maybe when I discovered forensic psychology, which is still a major passion of mine.  And it’s still a genre that I love and will come back to, but right now, I think I need to take a break from it.  I’ve certainly done that in my reading by jumping into all the Black Dagger Brotherhood books back to back and picking up a big selection of other paranormals on my last trip to the bookstore.  And my brain’s certainly been taking this wolfy story and running with it.  I’ve got several thousand words of notes already and last night I started a new wiki for that world I’m creating.  I don’t know if I’m ready to jump in to writing it just yet, but I think I am ready to start a snowflake for it.

The paranormal thing has absolutely nothing to do with my Mississippi romantic suspense branding thing, but whatever.  I’ll write what I’m inspired to write and go from there.

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