Academia Hampers Fiction

I’m a university instructor.  That’s one of my jobs.  And for the last four months, I’ve been writing classes.  For the last four months, I haven’t been writing fiction.  Coincidence?  I think not.  I had this same sort of stilted freeze when I started writing again after grad school.  The writing that you have to […]

Let The Suckfest Begin

Since I finished my full outline on HiS, I’ve barely written a word.  Well 776 of them plus the ones that fell by the wayside on the way to that total.  It’s not particularly gripping, and it is at least grammatically correct.  And I got stuck (then I got sick, which didn’t help the stuck).  […]


An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. -Newton’s First Law Three guesses as to which part of that sentence applies to me after a week of flu […]

Lightbox at iStockphoto

This feature could be considered both a procrastination and a useful tool. A lot of us writers like to find faces to go with our characters. Or images that remind us of scenes in our WIP. Having a visual representation often helps get us into the Zone for working on a scene. I first started […]

Bloggy Procrastination

As if I needed more blogs to take up time during my day… Seriously.  I’ve got my cooking blog Pots & Plots, which I try to update a couple of times a week; my frugality blog Frugal Intuition, which is a daily (except for weekends), this one, a weight loss blog I don’t keep up […]

Over Dose

Okay, it’s time to admit it.  I’ve been in denial and offering up all kinds of excuses, but I just can’t escape it anymore. I have overdosed on my genre.  I’ve been reading and writing romantic suspense exclusively for about eight years (with a few side trips in my reading).  I’ve got piles of new […]

Fess Up Friday

Okay, yeah, so I’m posting late today.  I started reading Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs last night and got caught up.  Just finished it. On the writing front, it’s been a pretty good week considering that I was consumed with getting an NIH grant out the door for the day job and grading finals for […]

Make Your Own Widget

So PBW had a post today on widget making.  She found this article over on eHow that explains how to make widgets on  As we all know how much I love playing with tech stuff and procrastinating on things I really should be doing, I had to go try it out. How cool is […]

Fess Up Friday

Well it’s Friday at last (thank God).  It’s been a fairly unproductive week on Til Death again.  I launched this new blog ten days ago, and in that span of time I’ve written maybe 1700 words?  I’ve been way too mired in playing with plugins, checking site stats, and generally procrastinating with blogdom.  The progress […]

Starting Over Is Hard!

I had forgotten how hard it was building a blog following from the ground up. Either I had very few repeat readers over at A Field of Paper Flowers, or nobody’s following my nice little “visit me over here” link. I started out with a decent beginning of people who did just that, but traffic […]