A Pout

Really, I should have known it wasn’t going to be a good day. If you’re not interested in listening to a bitch/pout session, please stop reading now. Woke up with a headache (probably my own fault for staying up too late reading last night) and before I left for work, managed to dump my oatmeal down the front of my shirt. Not an auspicious beginning to my day. Well I’ve still got the headache. I’m still sleepy. And I just got notice that the order for my camera (I ordered the Canon EOS Rebel XTi digital body to go with the rest of my Canon equipment–something I have been drooling over for about 4 years and finally found at a price I could afford and in time for our impending trip to Colorado in 3 weeks) has been canceled and the product is on backorder for 6-8 weeks.


Then why the hell didn’t you indicate on the WEBSITE that it was on backorder, dumbass? The guy I spoke with on the phone was a damn Yankee (and to those of you who are from the north and are not inherently rude, this doesn’t apply to you) and really obnoxious. I nicely suggested that they post notice about the backorder on the website. “Well that’s why we emailed you to notify you.” I’m sorry, that was two freaking days after my order and doesn’t help. Two days of getting excited and making plans that I would not have done had I known it was on backorder and would not be around in time for the trip. So NO, that’s not the same as posting notice on the website. In the immortal words of my friend Aly–fucktard.

I am in full on pout mode. See other than writing, my other favorite hobby is photography. It’s something I got into when I was 15, when I saved all summer to buy my Canon Rebel X and a fancy zoom lens. Over the years I’ve accumulated a few thousand dollars’ worth of equipment, so I wasn’t about to change systems. We have an SLR digital camera by Minolta, but we just haven’t been very happy with it. Once I found out that they made a digital body for my Canon, I have wanted it–BAD. We’re talking a camera that was $1,600 when it debuted a few years back. Professional grade equipment. I’ve had it on my amazon list for several years, but of course no one has bought it for me. And all the Christmas and birthday money I’ve gotten has been put toward other things like renovations on the house. So I’ve just kind of put this off. But I found it Sunday for over $200 below list price! You can imagine my elation. I’ve been getting going with Flickr (I’m a Photobucket user, but I discovered wordpress has a Flickr widget and Pot has been trying to talk me into Flickr–but GOD the name drives me nuts…add an “e”, spell it right for Pete’s sake!), and even joined a local photography group on there in anticipation of having my camera this weekend and getting to indulge in my hobby. And now I won’t. And it will be my luck that when they restock it, it will be at the regular price, not the super duper sale price. So yes, full on pout mode.

The saving grace for the day is that I have my birthday massage scheduled for after work today. That will make me feel better–not about the camera, but my headache and all the tension will go away. Thank God.

I should stop grousing and go do real work.

An afternoon update: So after calling around to about 6 different companies and being told by all that the camera is out of stock, I finally get one who says “Oh yeah, they’re discontinuing that one.  But I think we may have a few silver ones left.”  He couldn’t check as the warehouse closed 20 minutes ago, but I went ahead and ordered it from them, and we’ll see.  I couldn’t find any info about the XTi being discontinued, though the XT is.  Headache has finally departed, and I’ve gotten very little done today.  I did get started adding stuff to the first in that long line of new scenes and splicing things together.  I’m off to get my massage shortly.

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